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The Joy of Supporting Small Businesses During the Holidays

‘Tis the season of giving, and what better way to spread joy than by supporting small businesses? Here at I Do Handmade, small businesses are at the core of everything we do! As the holiday lights twinkle and the scent of pine fills the air, let’s dive into the heartwarming journey of why we should all choose handmade and locally crafted treasures for loved ones this Christmas season.

Embracing the Spirit of Community 

Christmas is not just about exchanging gifts; it’s about creating connections and building a sense of community. When you choose to shop small, you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re investing in someone’s dream, passion, and the heartbeat of a community. It’s a beautiful symbiosis of support that goes beyond a simple transaction.

Unique Finds with a Personal Touch 

One of the joys of supporting small businesses is the array of unique and thoughtfully crafted items that you won’t find in high street stores. From hand-poured candles to intricately designed jewellery and hand crafted festive decorations, each piece tells a story. These are not just gifts; they carry the love and attention from a local artisan all the way to your loved ones hands. 

Making a Big Impact on a Small Scale 

Small businesses are the backbone of communities, and your support during the holiday season can have a significant impact. It helps these entrepreneurs thrive, create jobs, and contribute to the local economy. Your purchase isn’t just a drop in the ocean; it’s a ripple effect that reverberates through neighbourhoods, creating a vibrant and flourishing ecosystem.

Building Lasting Relationships 

Small businesses are not faceless corporations; they are real people with a genuine passion for what they do. When you support them, you become a part of their story. You’re not just a customer; you’re a valued member of their community. The relationships formed through these interactions extend far beyond a single purchase, creating a bond that lasts beyond the holiday season.

A Gift That Keeps on Giving 

The joy of supporting small businesses during the holidays isn’t just confined to the act of buying gifts; it’s a gift in itself. It’s the satisfaction of knowing that your choices contribute to something meaningful. It’s knowing that your support helps someone continue doing what they love, and that, in turn, adds a sprinkle of magic to the festive season. 

So, as you embark on your holiday shopping journey, consider the impact of your choices. Check out where we are popping up and come along to meet some small business owners IRL! Choose the joy of supporting small businesses, and let the holiday spirit shine even brighter.

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Handmade Christmas Decorations All Made And Sold By A Small Biz

We’ve collated lots of beautiful handmade Christmas decorations all in one place! Check out this gorgeous range of decor options for your home, office and garden all made and sold by talented small business owners!

Support a small business this Christmas!

Sparkle Fibre Tree Decorations by KE Creates – £12

Memorial Christmas Ornament by Made With Love By Amber – £6.50

Pom Pom Christmas Pudding Garland by Maisies Mummy Makes – £10 for 3

Christmas Tree Candle by Surrey Candles – £7.50

Personalised Snowflake Decoration by Bodoli – £11.95

Bauble III Framed Original Miniature Collagraph Wall Art Print by Emma Cook Printmaker – £26

Christmas Family Illustrations by Doodle Keg – £20

Wooden Printed Christmas Eve Box by The Crafty House Emproium – From £19.99

Christmas Decoration Sign by The Poppy Patch – £25

Embroided Felt Hearts by Buds and Berries – £7.50

Knit Baubles by Valmade – £2.50

Christmas Eve Box by Flutterbye Boutique – £24.95

Crochet Snowman Christmas Decoration by Timeless Stitches – £6.95

Memorial Christmas House by Toni’s Trinkets – £26.99

Personalised Candy Cane Christmas Tree Ornament by Lady Posh Handmade – £10

Personalised Wooden Paw Print Bauble by Fox and Rainbow – £8

Personalised Pet Decorations by Storm in a Teacup Gifts – £5

Macrame Christmas Project Book by Isabella Strambio – £12.99

Personalised Calligraphy Baubles by The Amyverse – £15

Reusable Christmas Tree Advent Calendar by Kettle of Fish Designs – £89

Custom Felt Dog Decorations by Jelly Stitch Crafts – £20

Personalised Santa Stocking Holders by Busy Being Crafty – £15.00

Fused Glass Christmas Tree in a Wooden Stand by Warm Glass Fusion – £38

Scented Candles by AB Luxury – £25

Personaliosed Fused Glass Christmas Decoration by Hen on the Shore – £18

Handmade Christmas Gift Tags by Our Little Designs Shop – £4.50 for 6

First Christmas Clay Decoration by Snuggle Bumpkin – £9

Christmas Postage Stamps in Miniature Bottles by Signature Stamps – £9.95

Personalised Reindeer Baubles by Little Loves Crafts – £7.50

Crochet Pigs in Blankets by Little Gem Makes -£10

Christmas Tree Ornaments by Blondie Glam Designs – £15

Boho Christmas Ornament Set by Diana Crafted – £19.99

Memorial Tree Bauble by Taylor Mayde UK – From £16.99

Personalised Bauble filled with Handmade Belgian Chocolates by Tiny Treats – £7.50

Red Tartan Christmas Tree Shaped Cushion by Woodland Hill Crafts – £21

Heat Reactive Scented Candle by Candlemelon – £30

Trio of Macrame Christmas Rainbow Decorations by Macra-Made with Love – £20

Woodland Christmas Tree Decorations by The Velvet Hedgehog – £6

Chocolate Orange Covers by Simons Creations – £2

Grinch Inspired Gin Glass by Just Because – £6

Christmas Santa Wreath by Handmade by Sabrina – £28

Christmas Sprout Stockings by Handmade By Tina – £8

Christmas Wreath by Alchemy Silks – £39

Recycled Book Page Honeycomb Tree Ornaments by RM Crafting Creations – From £4.50

House and Candle Decoration by Becky’s Handmade Buys – £8

Ceramic Baubles by Artistic Criminologist – £6

Christmas Signs by The Chic Boutique by Clarissa – £15

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Things to do at Waterloo – A day out itinerary guide

We’re popping up at Waterloo station with four different handmade brands setting up stalls everyday between 16 Oct – 5 Nov, so we thought why not turn a visit to our pop-up into a fun day out guide exploring a quirky corner of London!

Waterloo station is one of London’s bustling hubs. The area offers a delightful mix of history, culture, and contemporary charm. Whether you’re a local looking for new places to visit, or you’re a traveller eager to explore, we’ve curated a fun day out – get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant heart of London with our Things To Do in Waterloo guide. 

Sip and Stroll 

Start your day with a caffeine kick at one of Waterloo’s charming cafes, we recommend Konditor. A steaming cup of coffee or a soothing herbal tea is the perfect companion for a riverside walk. Head to the picturesque South Bank of the River Thames, just steps away from Waterloo Station. Take in breathtaking views of the London Eye and St. Paul’s Cathedral while strolling along the riverbanks. 

Explore the Market Scene

Your morning adventure won’t be complete without a visit to the I Do Handmade Pop-Up Market. Located inside Waterloo Station opposite platform 12, our vibrant pop-up is a treasure trove of unique, handmade goods. Everyday, discover four different handmade brands offering exquisite crafts, jewellery, and more while supporting local artisans. 

Culinary Delights 

For your next stop treat your taste buds to some of London’s finest culinary offerings. Visit the Lower Marsh Market, where a medley of food stalls offers mouthwatering dishes from around the world. Whether you crave a gourmet burger or exotic street food, Lower Marsh has it all. 

Cultural Immersion 

Dive into history at the Imperial War Museum. This iconic institution showcases an extensive collection of artifacts, exhibitions, and interactive displays, providing profound insights into wartime experiences. If you’re an art enthusiast, don’t miss The Old Vic, one of London’s renowned theaters. Check their schedule, to see if there’s any tickets available for the afternoon or evening performances!

Dinner with a view

As the sun sets, enjoy a relaxed and delightful evening by the riverside. Choose from a plethora of riverside restaurants – Skylon is great for the food and views!

Night cap?

Why not end your day with a nightcap at one of Waterloo’s cozy bars. Bar Elba offers amazing rooftop views over the river, (with heaters too!) and have a calendar of fun events making it a great place to catch up with pals. 

Waterloo is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be explored. From the serenity of the riverside to the excitement of cultural institutions, there’s something for everyone. 

Be sure to include a visit to our I Do Handmade Pop-Up located inside the Waterloo station, in your itinerary to discover unique handmade treasures whilst shopping small and supporting small independents. 

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Handmade Autumn Decor Made And Sold By A Small Business

If you love adding a touch of seasonal decor to your home, we’ve put together a pretty impressive collection! Everything you see is made and sold by a small business. When you shop small you really can find such unique and sometimes even personalised options (those calligraphied pumpkins are pretty dreamy!)

Happy shopping!

Please note we have not purchased any of products, these links are signposts towards products we found online. Be vigilant when purchasing from online sites and social media links.

Crochet Pumpkins by Stitch Fix Crafts – Large £12.50 | Medium £10.50 | Small £5.50

Autumn Fabric Hanging Houses by Madam Dotty – £6.50

Pumpkin and Sunflower Coasters by Made with Love by Amber – £18

Needle Felted Pumpkins by New Forest Felts – from £10

Pom Pom Mini Flowers by Creative Creations @ NN1 – £8

Autumn Bunting by Doodle Keg – £5

Stacking Pumpkins by Timeless Stitches – £14.95

Autumn Wreaths by Buttons & Bows – From £3.50

Pumpkin Jar by Krorroskos Designs – £15

Orange Hand Knitted Pumpkins Garland by Kitebirdknits – £15

Personalised Calligraphy Pumpkins by The Amyverse – £7

Dried Flower Display with Hare by Kettle of Fish Designs – £45

Pumpkin Ornament by Unique Unicorns Crafts – £8

Horror Themed Tote Bag by Tayler Made Treasure – £6.50

Knitted Pumpkins Trio by All Seasons – £20

Pumpkin Decorations by Manor Handmade – £15

Trio of Mini Hanging Pumpkins by Crafty Little Cottontail – £13.45

Autumn Cherry Candle by Gia Como by Precious – £18

Embroided Pumpkin Hanging Decoration by The Atholl Home Co – £5.95

Fall Tones Tassels Garlands by DianaCrafted – £20.99

Trio of Crochet Pumpkins by Little Lighthouse Makes – £15

Leaf Shaped Cushion by Woodland Hill Crafts – £26

Macrame Leaf Garland by Macra-Made with Love – £35

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Handmade gift ideas for kids

If there is a child you know you need to buy prezzies for this year, have browse through our kids handmade gift guide! All have been made by a small business. Handmade presents are just the best! So many unique and thoughtful options not often found on the high street! Happy shopping!

[Tie dye socks picture above sold by Adire ]

Baby Harem Pants by Biddy and Bear – From £15

Gingerbread Biscuit Sandwiches by Cupcake Charls – £12

Happy Star Pocket Hug by Stella Stellina Gift – £6.50

Sparkly Festive Headbands by Annie Magenis Millinery – £20

Souris Street – A Mouse Village Childrens Book by Teeny Tiny Pocket World – £6.30

Wooden Macrame Bow Holder by Flutterbye Boutique – £22.95

Layered Butterfly Bookends by The Poppy Patch – £37.50

Clip in Hair Bows by Alicia’s Bow Boutique – From £4

Themed Sticker Packs by Buttons & Bows – £1.50

Card Making Craft Kit by Catherine Lou Designs – £13.75

Personalised Superhero Cape by The Flat of Kat – £26

Personalised Scratch Cards & Tickets by The Shiny Ticket Co – £9.50

Embroided Memory Cushion by Lolo & Lil Designs – £50

Handmade Romper by Little Acorn Makes – From £20

Personalised Bow Holder by Little Loves Crafts – £19

Wooden Teether & Bib by Jazy Beez Boutique – £13

Mummy is the Best Pink Romper by Milly’O – £29

Personalised Unicorn Hanging Decoration by The Atholl Home Co. – £5.95

Handmade Custom Flower Keyring by Diana Crafted – £6.99

Crochet Rainbow Unicorn Hat by The Purple Turtle – From £15

Personalised Baking Set by Taylor Mayde UK – From £4.99

Plaster Gingerbread Man Hanging Ornament Paint Kit by Colton Crafts – £3

Vegan Friendly Natural Wax Crayons by The Natural Crayon Company – From £5.95

Embroided Flannels by The Gift Shed Creations – From £4

Mountain Shaped Cushion by Woodland Hill Crafts – £10

Vivid Rainbow Beanie Hat by Little Spuggy – From £27

12 Day Hair Bow Advent Calendar by Libbydebobbledebow – £35

Crochet Santa Hat by LMN Crochet – £16

Satin Bonnets by Crowned by Royalty – £6.99

The Boddle Box by Boddle Bath – £25 per month

Tractor Water Bottle by Libra Fine Arts – £20

Snowman Duo Bath Bomb Set by Samisu – £12

Pumpkin Hat by Crochet Loops Designs – £10

Christmas Gingerbread Man Blanket by Unique Crafts – £70

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Back to school cool: Small businesses to brighten up your desk

notebooks and pencil on the pink surface

If you’re anything like us, apart from getting some peace and quiet back into the house after the chaos of the summer holidays, back to school season is a great excuse to bring some new life to your desk. No matter if you WFH or you just want to add some pizazz to your office cubicle, these small business finds are perfect for easing you back into the last quarter of the year in style.

Random thoughts memo pad’ – Bittersweet Apathy, £5.50

Ever find yourself scrambling for a pen and paper only to write that all important note on an envelope which you promptly loose…us too! No more thanks to this stylish desk pad from Bittersweet Apathy complete with tick boxes so you can get that dopamine hit of saying ‘completed it mate’!

‘Personalised calligraphy print’ £35, Letters From Mae

Add some style to your walls with a personalised print that’ll give you all the feels when you look up from your emails. This keepsake piece is a beautiful reminder of when your little ones came and brightened up your life whilst adding some contemporary style to your interiors all at the same time.

Stickers and Washi tape, from £2.50, MLTYUniverse

Is there anything more satisfying than using stickers in your notebook as an adult? No, no there isn’t which is why we’re obsessed with the collection from colourful indie brand MLTY Universe. From Kawaii cats to fruits and other adorable shapes, level up your notebook with these stylish stickers – it’s a must!

Blue Kente inspired coaster, £16, FNIC Designs

Stay hydrated in style thanks to these Kente inspired coasters. Not only are they a geometric dream but they come as a solo coaster or in a handy pack of four, if like us you end up with one of every type of drink on your desk by the end of any given working day.

Sunflower notebook, £4.99, Let Go To Hold On

Make note taking a fun task with this gorgeous notebook full of sunshine! Featuring hand illustrated sunflowers and and cute, calligraphy ‘notes’ on the front, you’ll be hard-pressed not to find yourself scribbling with a smile when you crack this beauty open

Colourful key chains, £7, Jammy Weekend

And something we loved, which could be great for little ones or big ones going back to school! Add a little colour to any bag, lunch bag or set of keys with these gorgeous colourful keychains. There are a few options to choose from Jammy Weekend’s colourful range too.

For more gorgeous desk-worthy treats for your or a loved one, why not visit one of our events which is often jam-packed with small business treats that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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Teacher gift ideas all sold by small businesses

pink and teal heart box

We’ve put together a blog post FULL of teacher gift ideas all made and sold by small businesses across the UK. So many original and thoughtful ideas to help teachers know we appreciate them so much! Check them out below, if you love them, why not let the maker know! Comments, reviews, likes and follows go a long way for small businesses! Happy shopping!

Teacher quote print by Creative Pickle – £19

Personalised Teacher Lunch Bag by Fred & Pearl Gifts – £11.95

Earring Gift Card – by Pandora’s Clay Box – £4.95

Granola butter by Oat Avenue – £6

Personalised portrait mug by Mimi Smartypants – £14

Zodiac Star Sign Droplet Necklace by Superdiva Jewellery – £24.99

Personalised pencil pot biscuit by Hamilton Bakes – £6

Personalised plantable card by Audrey Coco – £3.75

Yoga bag by Ladina Yoga – £20

Block printed wash bag by Rooh London – £14

Mental Health Matters Drinks Tumblers by Carmen’s Crafts

Pocket hug by Suze Lake Designs – £1.40

Star teacher award ceramic tag by Beespoke Pottery – £7.95

Personalised notebook by Crafts By Nahima – £14.99

‘Time for tea’ tea bag tidy by Jinnu Ngui Design – £9.50

Personalised pen pot by Impressive print – £7.25

Personalised candle by Surrey Candles – £10

Personalised iPad cover by Naila Ahmad London – £25

Weekly planner by Clementine Stationery – £10

Enamel mug by Green Earth Learning – £9.50

Personalised thank you gift by Slumbermonkey Designs £7

Wax melt gift bag by T Whites – £7.50

Wooden pencil necklace by My New Fave Jewellery – £12

Personalised cards by Hello Dotti Lee – £3.25

Coaster by Carriegraphy – £4.50

Personalised thank you candle by Can To Candles – £12.50

Decorated iced biscuit by Croccante Bakery – From £3.50

Tote bags by Tanya Loi Studio – £13.50

Scrunchies by Sew Last Summer – From £4

Origami set by Origami Est – £12

Rainbow Crystal Earrings by NG World Design – From £35.75

Coaster and thank you card by Mary’s House Designs – £5

Moonstone personalised canvas by Made By Nabilah – £20

Build your own gift box by Out Of The Box Gifts – From £3.50

Colourful head bands by Kate Whyley – From £32

Personalised teacher spa pamper set by Awesome Botanicals – £9.99

If you know of more thoughtful teacher gift ideas, feel free to add them to the comments below with a link and price!

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5 Independent brands to help you shop small this Father’s Day

The month of June marks Father’s Day and no matter who the father figure in your life, we love to shop small for thoughtful, personal gifts. If you’re looking for some inspiration when it comes to picking the perfect gift, here are 5 of our favourites.

1. Beard Surgeon, Daily Package £21

Does your dad need to up his beard game? Then look no further from The Daily Package from Beard Surgeon. Value packed with a beard oil and balm in one of four delicious scents. Founded in 2021 and run by two University friends, their brand ethos is Look good, feel good, smell good and doesn’t your dad deserve that?

2. Mocaro, Bespoke bow tie from £195

Mocaro creates bespoke, statement accessories for men, all designed in London and forged with meticulous British craftsmanship, incorporating precious metals and the world’s finest fabrics. If you’ve got a dapper dad then one of these beautifully made pieces will be the jewel in his formalwear crown.

3. Hillery & Son, Rum Punch £3.49

Looking for a gift on a budget? Hillery & Son’s delicious Rum Punch is the perfect accessory for the foodie father. Either treat him to a solo bottle of this double award winning drink or why not package it up into a hamper of indie treats? Either way, don’t expect this to hang around for long!

4. EsQue Parfum, Caville Blanc Parfum, £26

Fragrance is a classic gift for dad and why not – there are so many options for every different type of dad. We love these unisex fragrances from EsQue Parfum, with a blend of bergamot, geranium, lavender with a twist of patchouli and a touch of class. You will smell citrus and fruity accents with a hint of spice creating an incredibly nostalgic scent.

5. Health and Holistics, The gift of health, £49.99

Give the gift of health, literally thanks to this set from Health and Holistics. This gorgeous set includes contains a 30g pouch of wildcrafted Sea Moss, along with 2x 314ml jars of Sea Moss gel (original) and 3x50g bar of nourishingly natural Sea Moss soap (original) to boost dads immune system this season and beyond. 

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Free stalls for business owners on maternity leave!

grayscale photography of baby holding finger

This International Women’s Day we wanted to announce some exciting news for business owners on maternity leave. 

From 10 March 2023, we’re offering 3 free stalls to new mums with a handmade product-selling business, to use during the first twelve months following baby’s due date.

Being self-employed is a financial rollercoaster. Throw in a newborn baby, usually with zero maternity pay, and hormones all over the place, it can be a stressful time financially and mentally.

That’s why we’re helping new mums juggling a small business, a free opportunity to book up to 3 stalls at any of our pop-up venues. With this little aid, we aim to hopefully help mamas meet new customers, grow their businesses, improve mental health AND still be a great mum.

It’s a topic close to my heart, when I was 4 months pregnant, I was made redundant a few days after telling my full-time employer that I was pregnant. Devastated, unable to find work or income, it was a really low season. As much as the law is meant to protect pregnant women, I couldn’t find any company that wanted to hire me, 6 months pregnant.

I had no option but to try to make some income via my product selling business/hobby I had on the side. I ended up putting my all into running my company and have done so ever since, now with two mini humans in tow.

Despite feeling incredibly blessed and privileged to have both baby bundles, mum-life brought overwhelming feelings of anxiety and panic, whilst navigating through a global pandemic. Still unsure to this day whether it was postpartum depression, I felt I had zero purpose having lost my ‘proper job’ as I used to call it. I longed to switch roles with my husband who went off to work each morning and wanted to create some sort of identity again.

But I continued to push my business on, and the most amazing thing ended up happening to my little handmade business. My self-employed adventure sort of rescued me! A thriving and incredibly supportive small business community was created, when we began offering pop-up market opportunities for small independents. It changed everything. Meeting people in person, connecting with others, helping each other thrive, it was the best therapy in quite a dark time.

It’s for all of these reasons we want to help women who may be experiencing any of the above. Whether it’s zero maternity pay from being self-employed, redundancy, postpartum depression, needing a reason to be more than just ‘mum’, a chance to meet new people and feel less alone.

The first 12 months post birth are challenging times, so if this can help just 1 hard-working, ass-kicking small business mama, it’ll be worth it!

Please know I’m incredibly aware that this is a topic that might be a difficult subject for some to read. Sending so much love to anyone struggling at the moment.  

How to book a stall

  • Any product selling business owner with a baby under twelve months old, can book up to 3 stalls to use within the 12 month period following the baby’s due date
  • The 3 free stalls can be used at any venue we have advertised on our pop-ups page, so you may want to spread the bookings out as we will be adding more venues to our site over time.
  • To book, visit that link above, find a pop-up suitable for your company, hit on ‘book a stall’ add 1 stall to your basket. Use the coupon code MUMPRENEUR when booking, this will result in the stall being free of charge
  • You will need to make 3 separate bookings in order to make use of the 3 free stalls offer.
  • All 3 stall dates you book must be within the 12 month period following baby’s due date which is shown on your maternity exemption certificate.
  • When booking your stall, on the checkout page, there is question asking you for your public liability insurance, please also attach a copy of your Maternity Exemption Certificate (the certificate you show in pharmacies for free prescriptions) or email it to us after your purchase.
  • This benefit is open to anyone who has conceived a baby (which includes stillborn/miscarriage) and has a copy of their Maternity Exemption Certificate.
  • Offer is available for all stalls booked from 10 March 2023 and cannot be applied to any booking made before this date.
  • Please be aware this offer does not guarantee you a stall at any of our events, you must book a stall from the available dates showing on the ‘book a stall’ page. Once we have sold out, we will have none available or reserved.
  • The name on the maternity exemption certificate will need to match the name on your booking and public liability insurance
  • Please note, as with all stallholders, you will need to sell products that match the ethos of our pop-ups, ensuring the products are handmade. 
  • Also to be aware that we carefully curate our markets to ensure a mix of products are available each day so alternative dates may also be offered if your product type clashes with any other stalls already booked in that day.
  • Once your stall has been confirmed, your booking will be non-exchangeable/non-refundable

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Small Business Mothers Day Gift Ideas

happy mothers day card beside pen macaroons flowers and box near coffee cup with saucer

We’ve collated over 40 mothers day gift ideas, all made and sold by small businesses.

So much care and passion go into products made by a small business. It often shows in the packaging and the personal touches small independents pour into their products.

Here’s a selection of gift ideas we think will make any lucky lady feel loved this mother’s day…

YelloFlame.Camden – Half Face Vase £30

Adorn.withlove – Scarves £24

Midas Touch Designs – Real Flowers Cake Stand £49

Cupcake Charls – Mother’s Day Biscuit Puzzle £17

Taro Collection – Mum Hair Clip £20.80

Florals at No.9 – Handcrafted Mother’s Day Cards £5

Preeti Woman Make Up – 1-2-1 Make-Up Masterclass £99

The Bloom Room In Gravenhurst – Spring Wreath £50

Create Your Happy UK – DIY Craft Kits From £9

Meet The Moon Designs – Paper Cutting Craft Kit £25.50

YESO Studio Shop – Peony Stone Diffuser with Scallop Coaster Set £14.45

Rooh London – Luxury Quilted Cotton Dressing Gown £95

Lan Retro – Mustard Yellow Cotton Hair Scarf £8

Present Your Joy – Mother’s Day Gift Box £32

Oh So Wick – Wonderful Mum Vinyl Candle £14.99

SBDLuxe – Pink Satin Scrunchies £3.99

Dragons and Daisies – Pamper Hamper £44.95

Queen Shaya Design – Hand Embroidered Collars £30

The Finish Touch London – Reusable Marble Candle £20

Zalery – Necklace £12

Muchu Candles – Pretty in Pink Candle £34.99

Treasure Kave – Embroidery Kit £22.50

SJE London – Mother’s Day Card £5.76

TM Boutique UK – Double Heart Earrings £16

FNIC Designs – Mother’s Day Card £4

Beaded By Laura – Bows £13.90

Trinket Fairy Designs – Fingerless Gloves £28

Abby’s Art Atelier – Necklace £24

MadeWithLoveLdn – Personalised Mini Jute Bag £7

Mary P Jewellery – Earrings £22.50

Cinco Skin – Candles £28

Almaarie – Candles £25

Luliu – Pancake Mix £17

Misstutubags – Mother’s Day Hamper £17

Carterie Sarah – Cards £3.50

Lelowa Candles – Beautiful Lady Candle £12

Candalin – Rosa Damask Candle £39.99

Yiola Georgiou – Handmade Jewellery from £8

Raina Atelier – Eye Mask £20

Bitesize Bakehouse – Marshmallow Box £9.50

Andruz Studio – Jesmonite Bookends £22.50

Bathroomatic – Handmade Lavender Soap Bar £5.99

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Rent a shelf to sell your products in shops across England

If you’re a small business, discover over 20+ stores you can rent a shelf at across England to sell your products in, all in this very blog post.

For some small businesses booking stalls at markets are just not a practical way to get sales. Whether it’s due to available time from a full-time job, or childcare responsibilities.

Another option is become more available, offering an additional income stream for small businesses. More and more bricks and mortar shops are offering services where small businesses can rent a shelf for a week, month, quarter etc. Some offer monthly fees, some take commission from sales and some both.

I haven’t seen anywhere on the internet with a list of all the shops in one place, so thought it might be useful for small businesses to collate a list of available shops to know which ones might be near them. We asked everyone to share any suggestions on our social channels and did a little googling, and you can find our list of over 25 stores that offer this service across England.

Please note we have not contacted these shops, nor have gathered sales stats on them. When deciding to sign up for a week/month etc, we highly recommend doing your research. Footfall, the marketing/advertising they do, commission they take, restocking process, customer return process, setting up process, are all things to check.

Happy selling!

Artisans of Uppingham


Love Local Hub

Milton Keynes

Craft Collective


PopUp United


The Little Pottery Studio


Collectively Made




Love Local


The Suffolk Craft Shop


Artisans Hub


Millies Crafty Crafts


Bird’s Yard


We Are Pop Up


Elvet & Bailey


Made in Ashford


Glass and Craft


The Loft


Wallababies And Friends


Cornish Curiosities


Crafters Emporium


Solo Craft Fair


Curated Collective


The Emporium


The Olde Watermill Shopping Village


The Norfolk Gift Company


Maggie J & Co


Our Handmade Collective


The Handmade Gift Shop


Caru Craft at The Tea Rooms Glynneath


Gingerbugs & Co

Ingleton in the Yorkshire Dales

Creation Gifts and Crafts




The Home Crafters


Design 44

Derby & Trentham Gardens

The Reigate Pop Up


The Emporium


Know any more shops near you? Help another business owner out and spread the word! Leave a comment below with their details!

Photo Header Image by Freepik

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Galentines & Valentines gift ideas

assorted color heart shaped candies

If you need a little inspiration for some Galentines or Valentines gift ideas, look no further. We’ve picked some of our fav’s we’ve seen on the ‘gram all sold by small businesses! Discover so many thoughtful pressie ideas right here, and shop small in the process, happy shopping!

Scrunchies by Sbdluxe – £4

Jesmonite Coasters and Home Decor by en.marbre – From £7

Wall Prints by love2designstudio – From £4

Valentines Day Cards by Candice Chenade – £4.95

Resin and Polymer Clay Jewellery by Abbys_art_Atelier – £24

Natural Soap by Mallini au Natural Soap – £5.80

Greetings Cards by Natis Creations – £3.95

Wax Melts and Candles by Ohsowick – £8

Luxury Oud Perfume by Carved Scents – £64.99

Visit Carved Scents here

Heart Hoop Earrings – Maison De Paris – £16

Leather handbags, clutch bags and cross body bags by Fresh Outta Ideas – From £15

Jewellery by Juanas – £23

Jewellery by Opus Jewels – £27

Scrunchies by By Sue-Ellen – £1

Home Fragrance & Candles by Almaarie – £25

Jewellery by Lucy Ashton – £55

Pop-up Cards and Prints by Jo Garden – £5

Jewellery by Just L Jewellery – £30

Candles by Candalin – £34

Visit Candalin here

Handmade headbands by Rockurstyle – From £18

Valentines Dolls by Rosie Girl – £38

Polymer Clay Earrings by J.J.Unrefined – £14

Jewellery by Precious Stones By Shabz – £20

Valentines Jewellery by i_beadsuk

Personalised Candles by Aumni Designs – £12

Handmade Jesmonite Book-ends by Andruz Studio – £21.25

Prints by Nephthys Illustrated – £49.99

Wax Melts by Smells Good Scents – £15

Red Roses Flower Bears and Homeware by ZavyaDecor

Torso Candles by Lelowa Candles – £10

Sweetie Bundles by MysSweets – From £4

Sleepwear by Rooh London – £49

Real Roses Keyrings by Midas Touch Designs – £12

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Top tips for running a market stall

assorted plastic packs lot

If you’re a small business that sells products at markets, we’ve put together a list of some helpful things we’ve learned along the way our business journey. If you have any more tips to add, comment below!

Things to do in advance of the market

  • Tell everyone where you’re gonna be

In the week leading up to your market, let your followers, community and customers know about your stall, tag the location, include it in newsletters, make a facebook event and invite friends and family. When you’re at the market, post first thing in the morning tagging your location letting your followers know where they can find you.

  • Google other stalls

Check out what other companies are doing sales wise and see if you can do something similar. Visit markets, google stall setups, search hashtags for #stallsetup #stalldesign #marketstall or use Pinterest for inspiration you’ll see how style ideas for your stall. Even google your product type, e.g #candledisplay or #jewellerystall You only have a split second to catch people’s attention, so try to make the best products you offer really stand out.

  • Make a mockup market at home

A few days before, set up your stall at home. This will not only make your setup quicker and easier on the day, it will also allow you to play around with how best to showcase your stock. It should also let you know what problems you might encounter when displaying your products, and give you time to solve the issue. which you can solve you time to work on your display, and allow you to setup with confidence and joy on the big day.

Things to bring with you

  • When we have done a market, we always have a mini emergency kit with us. This is full of: Sellotape, cable ties, scissors, safety pins, paracetemal, hairband, handcream, handgel, string
  • If you are selling anything that a customer can try on, have a mirror available.
  • Wear your product if it’s appropriate
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes, you’ll be on your feet for a long time
  • Snacks as well as lots of water
  • Bags or packaging for customers to take your products home in
  • Business cards or a flyer either on the table, why not include an online offer specific to the market to give away with every purchase so you know where customers find you.
  • Have a newsletter signup sheet so people who are interested with your work can keep up to date with what you’re making
  • A card reader. These are super easy to get these days. We use Sumup (affiliate link) for the markets we have sold at, and love the ease, size of the reader and low fees, but theres lots of other options out there.
  • Cash and spare change. With the above being said, this doesn’t mean that cash is dead. Many people still prefer to pay with cash. Selling products at rounded whole numbers rather than halves can help on the small change front. You’ll less likely have someone to turn away if you are not able to offer change – this can be a super crushing feeling if you have ever had to do this.

Tips when your at your market

  • Business cards and flyers

Have business cards or flyers on your stand for customers to take away with them. Include an online discount code which links back to your shop, with a coupon code, so you can track future sales that came from your market stall.

  • Show your prices

Remove any obstacles for people not to buy your product. Make really clear signage for prices, either next to each item, or one price list. 

  • Offering a range of priced items

Choosing to include a range of priced items can really help. Include cheap, mid-range and high-end products to attract a range of customers.

  • Be kind to yourself

On your first ever stall, you’ll likely feel apprehensive. You won’t know the best way to sell at first, it’ll come with time. Try to relax and let your products do the selling for you. Remember you are the only person who knows the most about your products so try to act confidently showcasing why these products will help make people’s lives better.

  • Have the knowledge

Be ready to answer questions customers might have. Have info like colours, range, ingredients, stock levels etc up your sleeve. Also have your business story ready – why you are doing what you are doing, what are you aiming for, how your stock is made, and anything customers might find interesting. 

  • Create height and layers 

Your stall will likely be a flat surface, you’ll be expected to provide everything to dress your stall. Think of ways to showcase your stock, a little bit more imaginatively than just standing items on your stall. Use boxes, baskets, wooden planks, think outside the box to present your products attractively. Look around your house and see what you can use to create a memorable and fun display. You don’t need to spend too much at the beginning. Why not use wrapping paper around cardboard boxes, or use vases or jugs or painting food containers like tins. Try not to overcrowd your stall. It’s a representation of your store, not a jumble sale.

  • Ditch your phone

Don’t stand around on your phone or look like you haven’t had any customers all day. Try to look approachable, positive and happy to be there and not bored out of your mind (even if there are moments when you are desperate to sit down!)

  • Research opportunity

Network with your stall neighbours, there’s so much you can learn from them. Top tips you can share, best apps/websites to use etc. Networking can also lead to collaborations and new friends.

  • Offer variety, but don’t overcrowd your stall

Have a variety of products which offers your customers choice, but not too much that people can’t get a feel of your brand or the best products you offer. You only have a few seconds to catch the attention of passers by, so make it clean and clear. 

  • Collect email addresses

Keeping GDPR in mind, have a mailing list sign up form or QR link they can do on their phone. Offer something in return for adding your email address which can help “win xxx when you sign up’  Any sign ups are your potential future customers.

  • Take pictures 

It’s a great opportunity for content on social media. Take pics of your stock, your stall, you standing at your stall, and customer interactions happening if there are 2 of you there.

  • Say hello

Try to greet every single person that looks at your stall. I don’t know why, maybe its that awkward British thing (!) but my experience from the stalls we’ve run, there’s a little bit of an awkwardness, some people just want to look at your stall without being bothered or buy anything. So help break the ice, think of a few short questions you can use to start a natural conversation about your product. ‘Would you like to sample this xxx’ ‘Have you ever used xxx before’ You then have the opportunity to build rapport and turn those conversations hopefully into sales!

  • Make them curious

Try to find something that will entice people in. A little sign saying…

‘Feel me, I’m super soft’.  or ‘Try me’ or ‘The silkiest handcream youve ever tried, you decide?’ or ‘Is this the best brownie you’ve ever tasted?’

Think of ways/display ideas to present your stock in a way to get them wondering what it is you’re selling.

  • Best sellers in the middle

Something I’ve found, whatever product is in the middle of our stall, tends to sell the best on the day. Its the first place people usually look. Pop your bestsellers in the middle of your display.

  • Invite friends

When stalls have browsers looking at them it makes onlookers curious and feel a bit of FOMO! Invite your friends and family to visit your stall to help you look a little busy!

A few ideas to help get your brand out there on the day (keep GDPR in mind)

– Flyers given with each purchase

– An ipad/tablet on a stand advertising graphics/videos showcasing your products/messaging about your business

– A small sign on a mini easel, explaining exactly what it is on offer

– Price signs

– QR codes available linking to your website/social media accounts/newsletter signups

– Business cards

– Branded bags for customers purchases

– A ‘sign up, today only’ type offer to be able to take orders in advance (with an option to capture customer’s email address) 

– Could you offer a ‘Want it personalised? Order today and we can deliver to you’ type process allowing to capture customer’s info for potential future orders

– Create a process for customers to be able to order products as gifts for loved ones that can be wrapped and posted at a later date

– A competition for customers to have a chance to win something, where they join your mailing list in exchange for a chance to win

– A catalogue on display showcasing your full range customers can browse either on a tablet or paper version

– Branded receipts which you can write their purchase confirmation on

– Branded clothing that you wear

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Handmade Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Here’s some of our favourite finds of handmade mothers day gift ideas. All taken from inspiring makers on the big wide web!

1. Clay footprint hearts (click the photo for full tutorial)

2. Mini photograph magnets (click the photo for full tutorial)

3. Handmade trinket dishes (click the photo for full tutorial)

4. Finger print keyrings (click the photo for full tutorial)

5. Decorated teabags (click the photo for full tutorial)

6. Polaroid coasters (click the photo for full tutorial)

7. Decorated succulent jars (click the photo for full tutorial)

8. Favourite recipe on a tea-towel (click the photo for full tutorial)

9. Marbled ring dish (click the photo for full tutorial)

10. Personalised lavender sachets (click the photo for full tutorial)

11. Handmade foot soak (click the photo for full tutorial)

And there you have some of our favourite handmade mothers day gift ideas. If you see something you try out, tag us and let us know! We love seeing handmade creations come to life!

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Creative Mothers Day Gift Ideas

We’ve put together a selection of some of the best Mothers Day Gift ideas all helping your loved to enjoy a little creative time. All gift ideas have been taken from our online collection and are sold from UK small independents.

If your loved one relishes in a peaceful afternoon crafting, she will love these ideas! All kits contain the materials you need, to make something beautiful for the home.

This spring wreath kit comes with everything your loved one needs to make their own beautiful dried flower wreath. They’ll learn how to make a half-wreath display using real dried flowers and grasses, all freshly hand-picked and kiln-dried on a UK farm in Kent.

Watch the easy to follow tutorial video, showing the simple techniques needed to attach your flowers to the ring and create a stunning arrangement. It’s the perfect kit for newbies.

This kit is a super relaxing option, help your loved one discover the art of painting with this beginners kit including everything you need to create your own master piece.

Everything you need to learn to create your artwork is explained in the easy to follow video tutorials which are available in the Masterpeace app. The artist will gently guide you through, step by step, giving you tips and tricks along the way, meaning you can follow at your own pace.

For any sewing lovers, this is a wonderful mindfulness activity to help your loved one switch off. Create a totally unique tote bag, once complete, use again and again as a sustainable carrier bag.

This sunflower bag design is suitable for all sewing abilities, including complete beginners, with full instructions to learn 3 different embroidery stitches.

This kit is beautifully presented and arrives in sustainable packaging, inside a sturdy cardboard box, an ideal letterbox gift.

This at-home clay kit provides you with all the tools you need to get creative with clay. With not kiln or oven heating required, options are endless on the things you could make for the home, from succulent planters to necklaces, hanging mobiles or festive decorations.

This one makes a great gift for any garden lover, discover the art of willow weaving with this beautifully presented bird feeder making kit.

This relaxing craft kit includes enough materials to create a set of three bird feeders. Use the printed, easy to follow step by step instructions to create your own garden or balcony accessory.

Once made, each bird feeder is ideal for holding large seeds, nuts or fat balls, and will attract different types of birds large or small.

Immerse yourself into the fantastic world of 3D paper cutting! If you’re new to paper cutting this kit is perfect for you.

Create a gorgeous green garden scene that you can put inside a dome and display, or why not give as a gift to any garden lover.

Use the easy to follow illustrated instructions and create each paper accessory. You’ll gradually build up your garden design and once complete place inside the included dome to admire.

If your loved one loves wearing colourful accessories, this one is PERFECT! Make 6 or more colourful earrings with this thoughtful craft kit.

Using the polymer clay and tools, create your own unique designs using the super easy to follow printed instructions.

This kit is perfect for anyone wanting to try a new creative medium or give as a gift to someone else.

Wrap up warm with this knitting craft kit teaching you how to make a cosy cowl scarf. This makes a thoughtful creative mothers day gift idea, using 100% acrylic yarn, this comes as a complete kit, suitable to give as a gift or to make yourself.

Once made you’ll have a super soft unisex cowl scarf. This kit is suitable for anyone who has learnt the basics of knitting and able to read a simple pattern. Knitting newbies will particularly love this kit, helping improve their skills and create something useful to wear that’s really warm and super soft next to your skin.

This relaxing crochet basket kit is complete with everything you need to create a trio of useful storage baskets. Treat a loved one to a cosy afternoon getting creative with this therapeutic crocheting project.

This practical kit comes with all the supplies needed, to crochet three different sized baskets including a simple to follow crochet pattern. Using chunky 100% premium acrylic yarn, choose the soft coloured yarn you would like.

Another crochet kit, this one’s great for anyone looking to learn how to crochet and create something at the same time. This beginners crochet kit comes with everything you need to learn how to crochet and create the cutest cactus keyring.

Use the easy to follow video with an audio described tutorial or the printed written instructions to help you to learn the basics in the best way you prefer.

There you have it! 10 creative mothers day gift ideas fantastic for any lover of craft!

Did you see we have created a collection of free mothers day printables too? Print outs suitable for kids, and adults all to help make the day a little bit more special for your loved one. Click here to check it out!

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Free Mother’s Day Printables

Make Mother’s Day special with our collection of free Mother’s Day printables, suitable to give any special lady in your life this Mother’s Day! 

We’ve designed a suite of downloadable gifts which are all un-named meaning they could be appropriate for Mummy, Nana, Granny, Sister, Auntie or whatever you call that special lady in your life!

Suitable for adults and kids, there’s something there for everyone to make someone’s day a little brighter.

Download one, or download them all, we hope your loved one enjoys!

What will I receive?

  • Create an activity booklet with your little one to give a parent, grandparent or auntie or anyone really!
  • 8 coupons showing various acts of kindness gifts
  • Decorate the tray for breakfast in bed making food toppers
  • Wrapping paper for a present, or why not collect a bundle of flowers and add that handmade with love feeling
  • Gift tags for any gifts
  • A generic Mother’s Day card
  • A colour in Mother’s Day card
  • Plus creative inspiration and other freebie alerts in emails to come, which you can unsubscribe at any time

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Make Your Own Handmade Seed Bombs

landscape photography of flower garden

This is the easiest handmade seed bombs tutorial I’ve come across so I wanted to share with you. They make the cutest gifts for flower lovers.

I wanted to make something for Valentine’s Day to give to a few family members and childminder handmade by my toddler (with maybe a little assistance!)

I have seen lots of seed bomb recipes with tricky ingredients or lots of steps. This one just required a few things and was easy to do with a 2 year old.

All you need is:

  • Flour
  • Compost
  • A packet of seeds (we chose wildflower seeds to create a meadow like effect)
  • A cup of water

What do you do:

1. Mix in a bowl, 3 cups of compost, 1 cup of flour and your packets of seeds.

2. Add a little water until you get a firm playdough sort of texture.

3. Using your hands mould small shaped handmade seed bombs, about the size of a ping pong ball. We created heart shapes for valentines day. Place them on a tray to dry for 24 hours. We used our airing cupboard.

I laughed coz they don’t look too great on the eye while they’re still wet! They look better once dried!

4. Once dry, pop in a little gift bag and add a tag with instructions. ‘Pop in a plant pot or the ground and water every so often.’

5. We made a heart stamped card to go with ours and popped in a gift bag.

These handmade seed bombs make a fab little gift for lots of occasions. Or why not favours for a party or wedding!

Looking for more handmade gift ideas? Check out a few more ideas here

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Easy DIY Valentines Ideas To Make At Home

person holding white printer paper

We’ve collated a few of our favourite DIY Valentines makes out there at the moment all made by other inspiring crafters and makers.

Valentine’s is a lovely opportunity to tell anyone they love them. Mum, friend, brother, auntie or even your Amazon Prime delivery person – everyone loves hearing nice things about them!

So here’s a few DIY Valentines ideas you can make at home, with not toooo much preparation! There’s a few gift ideas, little message ideas and all round general fun to have with the family. All the instructions on how to make each one you’ll find in the comments below each photo.

Happy crafting!

  1. Make your own chocolate bark by @Chloe_Louise_Aldous – This looks super simple to do and a lovely gift to give anyone if popped in a little gift bag with a tag!

2. Handmade bath salts by @that.makes.six – Watch the video for this one, such an easy way to create a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves a bath

3. 3D paper heart decorations by @Kirstiecrafts – Decorate a little area in the home or write little messages inside each one to surprise someone with. These look great to do with young crafters!

4. Salt dough love hearts by @our.playroom.diary – A fun thing to do with children could be making these hearts. Add a hole in them and they could be a tag that goes on a present or tied to the front of a gift card.

5. A Valentine’s platter by @utterly.organised.chaos – Such a beautiful way to arrange a plate of goodies! Easy to do with a few of your lover’s favourite treats, pop them in the shape of a heart and you look like you’ve made the biggest effort!

6. Date night jar by @soulgoodstuff – A fun gift full of ways to have fun with your boo!