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Free stalls for business owners on maternity leave!

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This International Women’s Day we wanted to announce some exciting news for business owners on maternity leave. 

From 10 March 2023, we’re offering 3 free stalls to new mums with a handmade product-selling business, to use during the first twelve months following baby’s due date.

Being self-employed is a financial rollercoaster. Throw in a newborn baby, usually with zero maternity pay, and hormones all over the place, it can be a stressful time financially and mentally.

That’s why we’re helping new mums juggling a small business, a free opportunity to book up to 3 stalls at any of our pop-up venues. With this little aid, we aim to hopefully help mamas meet new customers, grow their businesses, improve mental health AND still be a great mum.

It’s a topic close to my heart, when I was 4 months pregnant, I was made redundant a few days after telling my full-time employer that I was pregnant. Devastated, unable to find work or income, it was a really low season. As much as the law is meant to protect pregnant women, I couldn’t find any company that wanted to hire me, 6 months pregnant.

I had no option but to try to make some income via my product selling business/hobby I had on the side. I ended up putting my all into running my company and have done so ever since, now with two mini humans in tow.

Despite feeling incredibly blessed and privileged to have both baby bundles, mum-life brought overwhelming feelings of anxiety and panic, whilst navigating through a global pandemic. Still unsure to this day whether it was postpartum depression, I felt I had zero purpose having lost my ‘proper job’ as I used to call it. I longed to switch roles with my husband who went off to work each morning and wanted to create some sort of identity again.

But I continued to push my business on, and the most amazing thing ended up happening to my little handmade business. My self-employed adventure sort of rescued me! A thriving and incredibly supportive small business community was created, when we began offering pop-up market opportunities for small independents. It changed everything. Meeting people in person, connecting with others, helping each other thrive, it was the best therapy in quite a dark time.

It’s for all of these reasons we want to help women who may be experiencing any of the above. Whether it’s zero maternity pay from being self-employed, redundancy, postpartum depression, needing a reason to be more than just ‘mum’, a chance to meet new people and feel less alone.

The first 12 months post birth are challenging times, so if this can help just 1 hard-working, ass-kicking small business mama, it’ll be worth it!

Please know I’m incredibly aware that this is a topic that might be a difficult subject for some to read. Sending so much love to anyone struggling at the moment.  

How to book a stall

  • Any product selling business owner with a baby under twelve months old, can book up to 3 stalls to use within the 12 month period following the baby’s due date
  • The 3 free stalls can be used at any venue we have advertised on our pop-ups page, so you may want to spread the bookings out as we will be adding more venues to our site over time.
  • To book, visit that link above, find a pop-up suitable for your company, hit on ‘book a stall’ add 1 stall to your basket. Use the coupon code MUMPRENEUR when booking, this will result in the stall being free of charge
  • You will need to make 3 separate bookings in order to make use of the 3 free stalls offer.
  • All 3 stall dates you book must be within the 12 month period following baby’s due date which is shown on your maternity exemption certificate.
  • When booking your stall, on the checkout page, there is question asking you for your public liability insurance, please also attach a copy of your Maternity Exemption Certificate (the certificate you show in pharmacies for free prescriptions) or email it to us after your purchase.
  • This benefit is open to anyone who has conceived a baby (which includes stillborn/miscarriage) and has a copy of their Maternity Exemption Certificate.
  • Offer is available for all stalls booked from 10 March 2023 and cannot be applied to any booking made before this date.
  • Please be aware this offer does not guarantee you a stall at any of our events, you must book a stall from the available dates showing on the ‘book a stall’ page. Once we have sold out, we will have none available or reserved.
  • The name on the maternity exemption certificate will need to match the name on your booking and public liability insurance
  • Please note, as with all stallholders, you will need to sell products that match the ethos of our pop-ups, ensuring the products are handmade. 
  • Also to be aware that we carefully curate our markets to ensure a mix of products are available each day so alternative dates may also be offered if your product type clashes with any other stalls already booked in that day.
  • Once your stall has been confirmed, your booking will be non-exchangeable/non-refundable

Who are we?

I’m Becky, a 30 something mama of two, from West London and I run this creative little business together with my mum Wendy.

When covid landed on our doorstep in 2020, one thing we did to help encourage sales of our craft kits, was create the Shop Small Christmas Gift Catalogue. We posted it out to thousands of homes, advertising gift ideas, all sold from small businesses, including my own, encouraging people to shop small at Christmas.

I loved helping other companies, I wondered about converting our catalogue into an in-person event.

So in summer 2022, we hosted out first ever pop-up market in Westfield shopping centre, encouraging the nation to shop from small businesses. I absolutely loved meeting so many inspiring business owners and helping them increase exposure and sales, it’s made me want to organise more events. It’s naturally turned into a business itself, hosting in person shopping events, helping diversify the high street with products from small businesses.

As a product selling business owner myself selling a range of craft kits, I know full well how hard it can be to generate a regular income and to keep the business going especially with big brands dominating the high street

From my own experience I’ve found if you have a good product, selling in person can be such a beneficial way to get your stock off the shelves and into the hands of your ideal customer. I’m passionate about helping small businesses thrive and the I Do Handmade Pop-Ups will hopefully do exactly that.

Want to find out more about our business journey? Click here

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