Hey I’m Becky and this is my mama Wendy. We offer a thoughtful range of craft kits to all designed to help you switch off from the world

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There are a zillion benefits that happen when you take some time out and use that clever, creative bit of the brain. And before you say it – EVERYONE has a creative side. Plus, self-care is quite ‘on trend’ right now, so why not do the cool thing and carve out some me time?!

Becky and Wendy from I Do handmade

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Crafters, sewers, florists, painters, calligraphers, bakers, probably candlestick makers although not tried, people tell us we’re a talented duo. We’re passionate about sharing our skills and positivity for sustainable, handmade crafts with the world.

Based in West London, me (Becky) and my mama (Wendy) have been running this little company since 2013.

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“This block printing kit has seriously been a really lovely, soothing, mindful way to spend an afternoon. A total distraction. Thank you


Given as a gift to my daughter and she loved making it”


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