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Top tips for running a market stall

assorted plastic packs lot

If you’re a small business that sells products at markets, we’ve put together a list of some helpful things we’ve learned along the way our business journey. If you have any more tips to add, comment below!

Things to do in advance of the market

  • Tell everyone where you’re gonna be

In the week leading up to your market, let your followers, community and customers know about your stall, tag the location, include it in newsletters, make a facebook event and invite friends and family. When you’re at the market, post first thing in the morning tagging your location letting your followers know where they can find you.

  • Google other stalls

Check out what other companies are doing sales wise and see if you can do something similar. Visit markets, google stall setups, search hashtags for #stallsetup #stalldesign #marketstall or use Pinterest for inspiration you’ll see how style ideas for your stall. Even google your product type, e.g #candledisplay or #jewellerystall You only have a split second to catch people’s attention, so try to make the best products you offer really stand out.

  • Make a mockup market at home

A few days before, set up your stall at home. This will not only make your setup quicker and easier on the day, it will also allow you to play around with how best to showcase your stock. It should also let you know what problems you might encounter when displaying your products, and give you time to solve the issue. which you can solve you time to work on your display, and allow you to setup with confidence and joy on the big day.

Things to bring with you

  • When we have done a market, we always have a mini emergency kit with us. This is full of: Sellotape, cable ties, scissors, safety pins, paracetemal, hairband, handcream, handgel, string
  • If you are selling anything that a customer can try on, have a mirror available.
  • Wear your product if it’s appropriate
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes, you’ll be on your feet for a long time
  • Snacks as well as lots of water
  • Bags or packaging for customers to take your products home in
  • Business cards or a flyer either on the table, why not include an online offer specific to the market to give away with every purchase so you know where customers find you.
  • Have a newsletter signup sheet so people who are interested with your work can keep up to date with what you’re making
  • A card reader. These are super easy to get these days. We use Sumup (affiliate link) for the markets we have sold at, and love the ease, size of the reader and low fees, but theres lots of other options out there.
  • Cash and spare change. With the above being said, this doesn’t mean that cash is dead. Many people still prefer to pay with cash. Selling products at rounded whole numbers rather than halves can help on the small change front. You’ll less likely have someone to turn away if you are not able to offer change – this can be a super crushing feeling if you have ever had to do this.

Tips when your at your market

  • Business cards and flyers

Have business cards or flyers on your stand for customers to take away with them. Include an online discount code which links back to your shop, with a coupon code, so you can track future sales that came from your market stall.

  • Show your prices

Remove any obstacles for people not to buy your product. Make really clear signage for prices, either next to each item, or one price list. 

  • Offering a range of priced items

Choosing to include a range of priced items can really help. Include cheap, mid-range and high-end products to attract a range of customers.

  • Be kind to yourself

On your first ever stall, you’ll likely feel apprehensive. You won’t know the best way to sell at first, it’ll come with time. Try to relax and let your products do the selling for you. Remember you are the only person who knows the most about your products so try to act confidently showcasing why these products will help make people’s lives better.

  • Have the knowledge

Be ready to answer questions customers might have. Have info like colours, range, ingredients, stock levels etc up your sleeve. Also have your business story ready – why you are doing what you are doing, what are you aiming for, how your stock is made, and anything customers might find interesting. 

  • Create height and layers 

Your stall will likely be a flat surface, you’ll be expected to provide everything to dress your stall. Think of ways to showcase your stock, a little bit more imaginatively than just standing items on your stall. Use boxes, baskets, wooden planks, think outside the box to present your products attractively. Look around your house and see what you can use to create a memorable and fun display. You don’t need to spend too much at the beginning. Why not use wrapping paper around cardboard boxes, or use vases or jugs or painting food containers like tins. Try not to overcrowd your stall. It’s a representation of your store, not a jumble sale.

  • Ditch your phone

Don’t stand around on your phone or look like you haven’t had any customers all day. Try to look approachable, positive and happy to be there and not bored out of your mind (even if there are moments when you are desperate to sit down!)

  • Research opportunity

Network with your stall neighbours, there’s so much you can learn from them. Top tips you can share, best apps/websites to use etc. Networking can also lead to collaborations and new friends.

  • Offer variety, but don’t overcrowd your stall

Have a variety of products which offers your customers choice, but not too much that people can’t get a feel of your brand or the best products you offer. You only have a few seconds to catch the attention of passers by, so make it clean and clear. 

  • Collect email addresses

Keeping GDPR in mind, have a mailing list sign up form or QR link they can do on their phone. Offer something in return for adding your email address which can help “win xxx when you sign up’  Any sign ups are your potential future customers.

  • Take pictures 

It’s a great opportunity for content on social media. Take pics of your stock, your stall, you standing at your stall, and customer interactions happening if there are 2 of you there.

  • Say hello

Try to greet every single person that looks at your stall. I don’t know why, maybe its that awkward British thing (!) but my experience from the stalls we’ve run, there’s a little bit of an awkwardness, some people just want to look at your stall without being bothered or buy anything. So help break the ice, think of a few short questions you can use to start a natural conversation about your product. ‘Would you like to sample this xxx’ ‘Have you ever used xxx before’ You then have the opportunity to build rapport and turn those conversations hopefully into sales!

  • Make them curious

Try to find something that will entice people in. A little sign saying…

‘Feel me, I’m super soft’.  or ‘Try me’ or ‘The silkiest handcream youve ever tried, you decide?’ or ‘Is this the best brownie you’ve ever tasted?’

Think of ways/display ideas to present your stock in a way to get them wondering what it is you’re selling.

  • Best sellers in the middle

Something I’ve found, whatever product is in the middle of our stall, tends to sell the best on the day. Its the first place people usually look. Pop your bestsellers in the middle of your display.

  • Invite friends

When stalls have browsers looking at them it makes onlookers curious and feel a bit of FOMO! Invite your friends and family to visit your stall to help you look a little busy!

A few ideas to help get your brand out there on the day (keep GDPR in mind)

– Flyers given with each purchase

– An ipad/tablet on a stand advertising graphics/videos showcasing your products/messaging about your business

– A small sign on a mini easel, explaining exactly what it is on offer

– Price signs

– QR codes available linking to your website/social media accounts/newsletter signups

– Business cards

– Branded bags for customers purchases

– A ‘sign up, today only’ type offer to be able to take orders in advance (with an option to capture customer’s email address) 

– Could you offer a ‘Want it personalised? Order today and we can deliver to you’ type process allowing to capture customer’s info for potential future orders

– Create a process for customers to be able to order products as gifts for loved ones that can be wrapped and posted at a later date

– A competition for customers to have a chance to win something, where they join your mailing list in exchange for a chance to win

– A catalogue on display showcasing your full range customers can browse either on a tablet or paper version

– Branded receipts which you can write their purchase confirmation on

– Branded clothing that you wear

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An Edible Easter Decoration

If you’d like some inspiration for some Easter decoration for the home, here’s an edible one which looks and tastes fab!

You’ll need:

  • A glass vase
  • A tall drinking glass half full of water
  • A bunch of flowers
  • Colourful chocolate eggs

Check out our video of how we put this display together.

It’s so easy to make, simply pop a few chocolate eggs in your vase, then place your glass of water as close to one of the sides of your vase.

Then hold your glass in position and fill up the vase with eggs.

Pop your flowers in your glass and you have a colourful easter decoration for the home

easter decoration

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Handmade Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Here’s some of our favourite finds of handmade mothers day gift ideas. All taken from inspiring makers on the big wide web!

1. Clay footprint hearts (click the photo for full tutorial)

2. Mini photograph magnets (click the photo for full tutorial)

3. Handmade trinket dishes (click the photo for full tutorial)

4. Finger print keyrings (click the photo for full tutorial)

5. Decorated teabags (click the photo for full tutorial)

6. Polaroid coasters (click the photo for full tutorial)

7. Decorated succulent jars (click the photo for full tutorial)

8. Favourite recipe on a tea-towel (click the photo for full tutorial)

9. Marbled ring dish (click the photo for full tutorial)

10. Personalised lavender sachets (click the photo for full tutorial)

11. Handmade foot soak (click the photo for full tutorial)

And there you have some of our favourite handmade mothers day gift ideas. If you see something you try out, tag us and let us know! We love seeing handmade creations come to life!

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Creative Mothers Day Gift Ideas

We’ve put together a selection of some of the best Mothers Day Gift ideas all helping your loved to enjoy a little creative time. All gift ideas have been taken from our online collection and are sold from UK small independents.

If your loved one relishes in a peaceful afternoon crafting, she will love these ideas! All kits contain the materials you need, to make something beautiful for the home.

This spring wreath kit comes with everything your loved one needs to make their own beautiful dried flower wreath. They’ll learn how to make a half-wreath display using real dried flowers and grasses, all freshly hand-picked and kiln-dried on a UK farm in Kent.

Watch the easy to follow tutorial video, showing the simple techniques needed to attach your flowers to the ring and create a stunning arrangement. It’s the perfect kit for newbies.

This kit is a super relaxing option, help your loved one discover the art of painting with this beginners kit including everything you need to create your own master piece.

Everything you need to learn to create your artwork is explained in the easy to follow video tutorials which are available in the Masterpeace app. The artist will gently guide you through, step by step, giving you tips and tricks along the way, meaning you can follow at your own pace.

For any sewing lovers, this is a wonderful mindfulness activity to help your loved one switch off. Create a totally unique tote bag, once complete, use again and again as a sustainable carrier bag.

This sunflower bag design is suitable for all sewing abilities, including complete beginners, with full instructions to learn 3 different embroidery stitches.

This kit is beautifully presented and arrives in sustainable packaging, inside a sturdy cardboard box, an ideal letterbox gift.

This at-home clay kit provides you with all the tools you need to get creative with clay. With not kiln or oven heating required, options are endless on the things you could make for the home, from succulent planters to necklaces, hanging mobiles or festive decorations.

This one makes a great gift for any garden lover, discover the art of willow weaving with this beautifully presented bird feeder making kit.

This relaxing craft kit includes enough materials to create a set of three bird feeders. Use the printed, easy to follow step by step instructions to create your own garden or balcony accessory.

Once made, each bird feeder is ideal for holding large seeds, nuts or fat balls, and will attract different types of birds large or small.

Immerse yourself into the fantastic world of 3D paper cutting! If you’re new to paper cutting this kit is perfect for you.

Create a gorgeous green garden scene that you can put inside a dome and display, or why not give as a gift to any garden lover.

Use the easy to follow illustrated instructions and create each paper accessory. You’ll gradually build up your garden design and once complete place inside the included dome to admire.

If your loved one loves wearing colourful accessories, this one is PERFECT! Make 6 or more colourful earrings with this thoughtful craft kit.

Using the polymer clay and tools, create your own unique designs using the super easy to follow printed instructions.

This kit is perfect for anyone wanting to try a new creative medium or give as a gift to someone else.

Wrap up warm with this knitting craft kit teaching you how to make a cosy cowl scarf. This makes a thoughtful creative mothers day gift idea, using 100% acrylic yarn, this comes as a complete kit, suitable to give as a gift or to make yourself.

Once made you’ll have a super soft unisex cowl scarf. This kit is suitable for anyone who has learnt the basics of knitting and able to read a simple pattern. Knitting newbies will particularly love this kit, helping improve their skills and create something useful to wear that’s really warm and super soft next to your skin.

This relaxing crochet basket kit is complete with everything you need to create a trio of useful storage baskets. Treat a loved one to a cosy afternoon getting creative with this therapeutic crocheting project.

This practical kit comes with all the supplies needed, to crochet three different sized baskets including a simple to follow crochet pattern. Using chunky 100% premium acrylic yarn, choose the soft coloured yarn you would like.

Another crochet kit, this one’s great for anyone looking to learn how to crochet and create something at the same time. This beginners crochet kit comes with everything you need to learn how to crochet and create the cutest cactus keyring.

Use the easy to follow video with an audio described tutorial or the printed written instructions to help you to learn the basics in the best way you prefer.

There you have it! 10 creative mothers day gift ideas fantastic for any lover of craft!

Did you see we have created a collection of free mothers day printables too? Print outs suitable for kids, and adults all to help make the day a little bit more special for your loved one. Click here to check it out!

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Free Mother’s Day Printables

Make Mother’s Day special with our collection of free Mother’s Day printables, suitable to give any special lady in your life this Mother’s Day! 

We’ve designed a suite of downloadable gifts which are all un-named meaning they could be appropriate for Mummy, Nana, Granny, Sister, Auntie or whatever you call that special lady in your life!

Suitable for adults and kids, there’s something there for everyone to make someone’s day a little brighter.

Download one, or download them all, we hope your loved one enjoys!

What will I receive?

  • Create an activity booklet with your little one to give a parent, grandparent or auntie or anyone really!
  • 8 coupons showing various acts of kindness gifts
  • Decorate the tray for breakfast in bed making food toppers
  • Wrapping paper for a present, or why not collect a bundle of flowers and add that handmade with love feeling
  • Gift tags for any gifts
  • A generic Mother’s Day card
  • A colour in Mother’s Day card
  • Plus creative inspiration and other freebie alerts in emails to come, which you can unsubscribe at any time

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Make Your Own Handmade Seed Bombs

landscape photography of flower garden

This is the easiest handmade seed bombs tutorial I’ve come across so I wanted to share with you. They make the cutest gifts for flower lovers.

I wanted to make something for Valentine’s Day to give to a few family members and childminder handmade by my toddler (with maybe a little assistance!)

I have seen lots of seed bomb recipes with tricky ingredients or lots of steps. This one just required a few things and was easy to do with a 2 year old.

All you need is:

  • Flour
  • Compost
  • A packet of seeds (we chose wildflower seeds to create a meadow like effect)
  • A cup of water

What do you do:

1. Mix in a bowl, 3 cups of compost, 1 cup of flour and your packets of seeds.

2. Add a little water until you get a firm playdough sort of texture.

3. Using your hands mould small shaped handmade seed bombs, about the size of a ping pong ball. We created heart shapes for valentines day. Place them on a tray to dry for 24 hours. We used our airing cupboard.

I laughed coz they don’t look too great on the eye while they’re still wet! They look better once dried!

4. Once dry, pop in a little gift bag and add a tag with instructions. ‘Pop in a plant pot or the ground and water every so often.’

5. We made a heart stamped card to go with ours and popped in a gift bag.

These handmade seed bombs make a fab little gift for lots of occasions. Or why not favours for a party or wedding!

Looking for more handmade gift ideas? Check out a few more ideas here

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Easy DIY Valentines Ideas To Make At Home

person holding white printer paper

We’ve collated a few of our favourite DIY Valentines makes out there at the moment all made by other inspiring crafters and makers.

Valentine’s is a lovely opportunity to tell anyone they love them. Mum, friend, brother, auntie or even your Amazon Prime delivery person – everyone loves hearing nice things about them!

So here’s a few DIY Valentines ideas you can make at home, with not toooo much preparation! There’s a few gift ideas, little message ideas and all round general fun to have with the family. All the instructions on how to make each one you’ll find in the comments below each photo.

Happy crafting!

  1. Make your own chocolate bark by @Chloe_Louise_Aldous – This looks super simple to do and a lovely gift to give anyone if popped in a little gift bag with a tag!

2. Handmade bath salts by @that.makes.six – Watch the video for this one, such an easy way to create a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves a bath

3. 3D paper heart decorations by @Kirstiecrafts – Decorate a little area in the home or write little messages inside each one to surprise someone with. These look great to do with young crafters!

4. Salt dough love hearts by @our.playroom.diary – A fun thing to do with children could be making these hearts. Add a hole in them and they could be a tag that goes on a present or tied to the front of a gift card.

5. A Valentine’s platter by @utterly.organised.chaos – Such a beautiful way to arrange a plate of goodies! Easy to do with a few of your lover’s favourite treats, pop them in the shape of a heart and you look like you’ve made the biggest effort!

6. Date night jar by @soulgoodstuff – A fun gift full of ways to have fun with your boo!

7. Valentine’s Bucket List by @_emily_thomas__ and @the.mama.project – This is more of a fun way to recognise Valentine’s as a family. A beautiful way to make memories and teaching your kids how to love people in different ways.

8. Watercolour hearts by @theartfulparent – These cute hearts are an easy way to make your own card for Valentine’s draw a heart or even write a secret message!

9. Valentine’s Rice Treats by @downhomedrake – A yummy treat for any loved one in your life. Pop them in your kids lunchboxes, gift them to your neighbour or send one in the post to your pal.

10. DIY seed paper hearts by @hellokidsstudio – A fun and eco friendly way to tell someone you love them, and give them something to enjoy in months to come. A fab DIY valentines idea.

If you’re looking for crafty gifts for someone this Valentine’s Day, check out our online store full of craft kits to give to anyone who loves spending time getting creative.

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New Year New Stationery – Cute Stationery Alert!

There couldn’t be a better time to fill your desks, shelves and drawers with cute stationery. January means January sales, new styles and a fresh start to begin a new notebook or journal.

Here’s a few of my favourite stationers with beautiful pens, pads and post-its and more!

  1. Martha Brook – Beautiful quality paper products and they offer a personalised service too.
cute stationery

2. Present and Correct – A realm of truly unique stationery heaven

cute stationery

3. The Green Gables – Spreading joy, colour and positivity in an eco-friendly way gets my vote!

cute stationery

4. Penny Laine’s – Helps everyone live in a mindful space, offering beautiful things that don’t impact the planet

5. Fred Aldous – A fab range of cute and useful stationery, they stocks more than 25,000 items, bound to have something for every stationery addict

6. Sass and Belle – Super cute stationery and fun notebooks and pens

7. Pandapen – A range of Japanese stationery, super sweet pens, washi tape range and notelets

8. Just Mustard – Slightly more comical and quirky range of stationery to decorate your desk with

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Fancy a free elderflower foraging hunt?

It’s elderflower season guys!

Did you know this stuff grows in the wild in so many public places across the UK for about 4-6 weeks of the year. And it comes back again every year.

Something we trrrry to do is go on an elderflower foraging hunt at this time of year. We come back with a bag of freshly picked elderflower and love turning it into something yummy.

Over the years we’ve made, gin, cordial, wine, but this year we found a fab recipe for orange and elderflower jam. And I can proudly confirm after nearly finishing a loaf of bread, it’s delicious on toast!

Where can I find it?

Elderflower is abundant throughout the UK, in woods and along roadside hedgerows. From late May you’ll see masses of tiny white flowers hanging in sprays which develop into purple elderberries later in the summer.

What does it look like?

Credit: Pete Holmes / WTML

The flowers are flat-topped clusters of tiny, creamy-white flowers, the fragrance is sweet and summery.

If you come across any on your daily wanders, why not take a little home to make something yummy too!

Here’s a few recipes we’ve enjoyed over the last few years to inspire you!

Elderflower cordial –

Elderflower gin –

Elderflower jam –

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Make your own giant 3D numbers and letters

I recently celebrated my sons 2nd birthday, so it was the perfect opportunity to get creative. I wanted to attempt making a 3D number to use for a photo with him, and to decorate the food table.

If you fancy having a go yourself, all you’ll need is a large cardboard box, sellotape, spray paint, pencil and scissors.

I begun by drawing the number on a piece of cardboard, and cut it out.

Then choose which side you want the 3D edges to be, I wanted to fill the number with balloons so built the edges up on the front. I cut long rectangles out of the cardboard and used sellotape to attach around the edge. I stuck tape both sides to ensure it held.

I spray painted the whole thing…

Then found small metallic coloured balloons and wedged them all inside. It’s fair to say it’s pretty fragile, but perfect for a photo opportunity or decoration!

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Handmade Pallet Christmas Trees

Every year these handmade pallet Christmas trees get to come out and say hello!  

I had a pretty unrealistic dream one year that I wanted to fill my garden with lots of them and make some sort of magical wonderland! Storage was a little bit of an issue! So I stopped at three. 

These are super simple to make, probably one of the easiest pallet upcycling projects out there.

pallet christmas trees

You’ll need an old pallet which you can get anywhere FOR FREE. Never pay for a pallet! All my pallet projects have been upcycled for free, either by searching on gumtree/facebook marketplace or seeing them at the side of building sites.

Once you have your pallet check which side is the most attractive, then also decide which way up it’s going to be – again choosing the most attractive bit to keep as the base!

Then draw a triangle on your pallet, making sure the bar that holds each of the planks of wood, is going vertically through the middle.

Then saw either by hand or with a jigsaw all the down the lines, and that’s pretty much it! Say hello to your new pallet Christmas trees!

We dressed ours with solar powered fairy lights so they twinkle in our porch in the evening.

Here’s all three pallets off to help decorate a Christmas themed wedding one year!

Want to see another one of our pallet upcycling projects? Check out this pallet garden I made here!

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Christmas Gift Ideas From Small Businesses

If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas this year, here’s a little guide we’ve put together of gifts sourced from small and local companies.

It’s been a tough year to navigate on all fronts. From a retail perspective, being a small business owner, it’s been a challenging time. There are so many small businesses out there struggling to keep going. If you’re on the hunt for gifts, here’s a thoughtful collection of gifts, made or sold from small businesses in and around my local area. There’s a few of our own thrown in the mix too!

Hopefully there’s something thoughtful here that you could buy for that special someone!

Happy shopping!


William’s Fund raise money for Childhood Cancer in Oxford, we have our own researchers dedicated to improving Cancer treatment for children, in memory of William. William’s Fund have no paid employees.

These beautiful cards are from original designs by Elizabeth Cox, William’s Grandmother. Mixed packs of 25 (£13) or 50 (£18). ALL proceeds go to the research. Remember to look for the hidden mice!

Order from:

From £13


Decorate your front door this Christmas with your own handmade festive wreath. This kit comes delivered to your home, with everything needed to make a wreath using real greenery, artificial berries, pine cones and an easy to follow tutorial.

Use code IDH for an exclusive 15% discount on all orders.

Order from:



Get creative at home with everything you need to make and decorate your own paper envelope advent calendar. Fill your handmade envelopes with included acts of kindness ideas for you to spread a little festive cheer to your loved ones and the community. Great to make with or without kids.

Use code IDH for an exclusive 15% discount on all orders.

Order from:



Ceramic Christmas decorations with satin red ribbon in a Snowman, Robin or Reindeer design. Each are personalised with an option of three messages ‘With love at Christmas’, ‘My first Christmas’ and ‘Happy Christmas’ and a name of your choice. To place an order please go to the ‘contact us’ form on the website.

Order from:



Decorate your home with this rustic handmade advent bunting, made with individual pockets in each flag, to fill with your own treats of your choice. Start a new tradition in your home and reuse it each Christmas.

Use code IDH for an exclusive 15% discount on all orders.

Order from:



Add a little sparkle to your home with our Elf huts. These handmade homes are installed with a solar light and come in a choice of two colours red and green. To order either visit my Etsy store, email or check out my Facebook page

Order from:



A range of ceramic tiles and coasters in a variety of shapes and sizes that feature your little
one’s hand or foot prints and name or custom personalisation. When ordered an ‘inkless hand and foot print kit’ will be sent directly to you with full instructions on how to take your prints. Once they are completed they can then be scanned and emailed back or returned in the envelope provided to Little Prints HQ. Upon receipt, the prints will be transformed into your keepsake and will then be posted to you within 2 weeks.

Order from:

FROM £15.50


A range of ceramic tiles, coasters and hanging ornaments that feature your pet’s paw print and name or custom personalisation. When ordered an ‘inkless paw print kit’ will be sent directly to you with full instructions on how to take your prints. Once completed they can then be scanned and emailed back or returned in the envelope provided to Little Prints HQ. Upon receipt, the prints will be transformed into your keepsake and will then be posted to you within 2 weeks

Order from:

FROM £15


Treat your home (and yourself) with our Home Pamper Hamper! This contains our gorgeous essentials to make your home smell and feel like the festive season, all presented in a reusable wood-effect gift box. Contents: Orange and Cinnamon Reed Diffuser (150ml), Warm Honeysuckle Candle (250g), Vanilla Small Room or

Car Freshener, Orange & Nutmeg Hand Sanitiser (100ml). Bespoke Hampers also available on our website

Order from:



Battery operated, allowing you to hang or lean this star anywhere in your home. Available in two sizes 41cm and 73cm

Order from:

From £14


A gift offering any plant lover the chance to discover the art of macrame and create their own hanging garden. This kit comes with enough cotton cord to make and display two pot plants or terrariums.

Use code IDH for an exclusive 15% discount on all orders.

Order from:



Luxury plant based soy wax candles and reed diffusers for the home and beautiful essential oil bath and body products for that extra treat we all deserve – the perfect gift this Christmas.

Order from:

From £16-40


Unique and contemporary personalised portraits from a highly skilled local artist. Emily paints families, individuals, couples, children and pets from either photographs or sittings. A variety of sizes and options available, including oil paintings, watercolour, ink, charcoal and pencil. Order soon, to secure your slot:

Discount available for NHS workers.

Order from:

From £30


Children can choose either a fairy or
Elf design wreath kit for them to design at home. These come with a wide range of artificial Christmas decorations, lights, colouring door kit, and glue pen. To order either visit my Etsy store, email or check out my Facebook page

Order from:



This cosy craft kit includes everything you need to make a pair of microwavable, reusable pocket hand warmers. This stocking filler gift idea comes in two colours and makes a thoughtful winter treat for loved ones.

Use code IDH for an exclusive 15% discount on all orders.

Order from:



The perfect gift for a creative friend. This letterbox friendly kit comes with everything they’ll need to decorate a tote bag, tea towel, or drawstring bag, using fair trade wooden block print stamps and fabric paint.

Use code IDH for an exclusive 15% discount on all orders.

Order from:

From £15


Award winning English sparkling wine grown and made in Radnage, Buckinghamshie. Sparkling white and rose wines and Sparkling cider. Either order online or email

Order from:




The best, freshest sweets in the world, but tasting is believing. Providing old-fashioned excellent customer service and value for money. Our business motto is to put a smile on everyone’s face, one face at a time. We post out sweets envelopes all over England, Scotland and Wales.

Order from:

From £1.50-£40


Brazilnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, peanuts and raisins

Order from:

From £5


Staying in is the new going out so enjoy Afternoon Tea in the comfort of your own home or garden with those nearest and dearest to you. Available as a christmas gift voucher or a treat at home for the holiday season.

Order either online, by email or by giving us a ring 01923 805 896.

Order from:

From £20 per person


If you can’t be with your loved ones why not send them a special sweet treat, a brownie slab with a personalised greeting.

Order either online, by email or by giving us a ring 01923 805 896.

Order from:

From £25


A gorgeous gift for all the family with delicious hot chocolate, mini marshmallows and much more.

Order from:



A delicious mix of some of our most popular pick n mix sweets beautifully packaged in a wicker hamper.

Order from:



Irresistible and moreish chocolate cones make the perfect stocking filler.

Order from:

From £2.50


Stay safe this season with these festive themed face masks, available in kids and adult sizes.

Order from:



Colourful, light reflecting jewellery and home decorations. Lots of different sizes and 24 different colours – all handmade in Sarratt, to make you smile!

Order from:

From £7


Why not add a sprinkle of sparkle to your Christmas this year? At the Heritage Jewellery Co, we have curated a range of beautiful vintage and antique jewellery including necklaces, bracelets, brooches, cufflinks and rings such as these fabulous five stone diamond rings.

Order from:

From £150


If you’re looking for a unique and thoughtful gift for a loved one then an individually hand-crafted antique Victorian gold locket with a photograph you’ve chosen could just be the perfect present.

Order from:

From £55


Our Body Pamper Hamper will provide everything you need to create your own calm with the help of our luxury skincare and a hand-poured aromatherapy candle, all presented in a reusable wood-effect gift box. Contents: Intensive Body Serum Cream (50g), Sleepy & Sensitive Skin Body Serum Cream (50g), Baby & Sensitive Skin Body Serum Cream (50g), pair of cotton gloves and bootees (one size), Orange & Nutmeg Hand Sanitiser (50ml), Serenity aromatherapy candle (250g). Bespoke Hampers also available on our website.

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Treat that special someone to a relaxing treatment this Christmas, with a luxurious massage, aromatherapy or healing gift voucher. Vouchers come gift wrapped sure to wow anyone on Christmas Day.

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From £25


Add some sparkle this Christmas. Our ethically sourced range of crystals can be compiled in to your very own tailor-made gift sets. Select a series of stones and link grandparents with grandchildren, husbands and wives, siblings and friends. From tumbles to towers, from points to geodes, from candles to carvings to keyrings, there really is something for everyone! Give us a call or send a WhatsApp to discuss your personal order, and let us help you make it a Christmas to remember. Give a gift that lasts, connecting you with loved ones wherever you are in the world, showing your love, this Christmas and forever.

Order from:

Tumbles pair £3

Towers from £15

Points from £15

Geodes from £10

Candles from £10

Carvings from £8


Spoil that special person in your life with a gift voucher from Eloquence Permanent Cosmetics. A choice of three bespoke treatments; Hairstroke/ Combination/Ombré Brows, Eyeliner or Lip Blush/Full Colour.

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From £125


Inspired by Ayurveda an all-natural hair care range based on Ayurvedic principles to strengthen hair and restore dry damaged hair back to its former glory.

Use code IDH for an exclusive 20% discount on all items.

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A lot of thought has gone into this collection of Crystal Pouches, each one offering love, support and healing to the individual. Each pouch contains six crystals energised with Reiki healing for a friend or family member and offers support for: Anxiety & Stress, Calm & Relaxation, Wealth & Abundance, Communication & Confidence, Concentration & Memory and Travellers. Visit the website to find an array of beautiful crystal gifts and jewellery which can be personalised with a name, brief message and Reiki healing.

From £12.99-£14.99


Gift a loved one pure calm, relaxation and healing with a Reiki therapeutic treatment. This gentle Japanese technique is excellent for stress and anxiety, insomnia, headaches, pain, menopause symptoms and much more. Gift vouchers are available for 30 or 60 minute treatments. Visit the website to find out more about how Reiki works.

Order from:



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Making The Leap To Self- Employed

For anyone toying with the idea about going self-employed, I wrote an article for the Metroland Magazine which was published this month:

Making The Leap To Self-Employed

It shares our story, background, and how we’ve got to where we are now as a little business trying to spread some creative cheer in the world!

I wanted to share my experience of self-employment, in the hope of inspiring and motivating anyone thinking about working for themselves.

Right now, it’s so unsettling for so many people work-wise, so feel free to share with anyone you know that it could help.

You can read it much easier via the magazine link here if makes better viewing!

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Pumpkin Decorating Idea

pumpkin decorating

October for me means pumpkin decorating! And not the scary spooky kind!

Why not create a pumpkin floral display and turn your 🎃 into a vase!

Here’s our easy to follow tutorial…

First you’ll need a pumpkin! We bought three from our local supermarket.

Next, find a plastic pot smaller than the pumpkin you’re using. I used an empty yoghurt pot! There’s probably something perfectly suitable in your plastic recycling bin.

Draw around the diameter of your pot on top of your pumpkin

Dig out the middle of your pumpkin, be careful not to go out of the edges of where you’ve drawn

Optional – Paint or decorate your your pumpkin a colour of your choice, I went for copper paint!

Once dry, pop your pot in your pumpkin and you’ve got yourself a makeshift vase.

Hope you loved this pumpkin decorating idea! If you make one I’d love to have a peek! Tag us on facebook or instagram with @idohandmadeuk or send us an email

Happy October everyone!

pumpkin decorating

If you’re a plant lover, have you seen our hanging garden craft kit? – check it out here.

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My latest Ikea hack

I love attempting an Ikea hack project! This one is definitely one of my proudest upcycles so far, as I did it all virtually for free!

It all started with me needing shelving units in our newly installed office. I managed to find these two Billy bookcases on the Trash Nothing that someone was giving away.

They were the brown mahogany style and definitely needed some love and TLC!

(Top Tip – if you’re looking for storage solution furniture in your home, I always check recycling websites first, before resorting to buying anything, they’re a great way to save the planet from waste and most of the stuff is usually free!)

I had some white satin wood paint left over from when I moved house, which was perfect for this, so I gave both shelving units two coats, except the back walls of the shelves.

I had a plan to cover the back walls of the shelves in patterned wallpaper. I’ve done this a few times on some of my old pieces of furniture. It’s a great way of bringing some colour into a room. Not needing whole rolls of wallpaper, I nipped down to my local B&Q and picked up a few samples of wallpaper in shades of blue, white and anything with a bit of metallic in it.

(Top tip number 2 – Wallpaper samples are totally free friends! Anytime I’m in a hardware store that sells wallpaper, I always stock up on a few samples of wallpaper, as I use it for so many things. Crafting, card making, present wrapping, scrapbooking. For anyone who’s not done this before, don’t open a new roll of wallpaper! There’s usually always one open, so look for that first and tear off a portion – it’s totally allowed!)

With my wallpaper samples ready, I measured out the hole I needed to fill and cut out the shapes I needed in the different patterns.

Using PVA glue, I stuck down the wallpaper to the back of each shelf. I had a bit of an oopsie moment, and ran out of wallpaper for two of the shelves so if you look closely, two of the shelves have a strip missing! But I thought if I made the gap at the bottom of the shelf, put books on those shelves, no one will ever notice! The joys of DIY projects!

I’m super pleased with the finished result! It looks quite smart in the office and a little more homey than plain office shelving!

What do you think? Have you tried an Ikea hack before? I’d love to hear more if so!

ikea hack upcycled billy bookcase

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Moving House Gift Idea

moving house gift idea

Here’s a lovely moving house gift idea I made recently for a family who moved to St. Louis in the States, last month.

This gift idea is ideal for people moving somewhere new. It’s a year of day out ideas to help them get to know their new local neighbourhood.

I scoured the internet for fun and quirky things to do for the family, trying not to find things that cost too much. I kept in mind the seasons and the weather it’ll likely be. Finding an unusual ice-cream parlour to go to in January probably wouldn’t be that fun!

I also checked out event sites, to see if there were any one-off festivals or events going on that might not be on the usual ‘things to do in St Louis’ type websites.

When you start googling there really are so many ideas that makes me bet there’s so many unfound gems in my own neighbourhood!

I typed the ideas into text boxes on a word document, giving all the info they’d need to find out more online, and cut out the different cards.

I decorated 12 envelopes adding the month of the year to each one.

Fill the envelopes and tie with string adding a handwritten tag. Hopefully this will give the family a year of fun memories to start making together in their new home town.

I’ve made this gift a few times for a few friends, it works for lots of occasions. A year of date night ideas for the first year of marriage, a year of things to do with a newborn baby.

Do you know someone who would love something handmade like this? Why not give it a go too.

Other handmade gift ideas you might like…

A thoughtful gift for a mama-to-be

A gift for anyone who loves crocheting

A wedding anniversary gift idea

A personalised frame for a friend

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Need a face mask for a special occasion?

face mask for special occasion

If you’re looking for a face mask for a special occasion, we might just have something for you.

With face masks becoming the crazy new normal, it’s completely going to change people’s photo albums for weddings and parties.

So imagine this, you’re heading to your best mates wedding, you’ve had your hair done, you’ve got your favourite pair of fancy heels and a designer clutch at the ready, and erm a clinical blue disposable face mask? Probably not the look you had in mind.

So we’ve been working on a few ways for you to look smart and feel safe at the same time.

Introducing our luxurious lace range of face masks?

We recently added lace face masks to our online shop. Don’t worry, they’re made of fabric a little thicker than lace!

These are fabulous for weddings and parties. They also the perfect solution if you’re the bride or groom about to go wedding dress/suit shopping. Check out this luxurious style in our online shop. They’re easy to order and arrive gift wrapped, in letterbox friendly packaging.

Want something completely unique?

As well as the 30+ designs available in our online shop, we love to get our creative hat on to make something totally bespoke for you.

It could be a certain fabric your looking for, or a photo printed onto your mask, or words, a logo or initials.

It could even be a bulk order of special masks for all your guests, we’d love to help.

Bespoke mask prices start from £8 a mask + p&p.

Get in touch and we can start creating a face mask for a special occasion and something completely unique for you.

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An Epic Bake-Less Cake Recipe

bake-less cake recipe

Want a SUPER simple bake-less cake recipe that will make the perfect dessert for any celebration? Read on 🙂

I celebrated my birthday recently and it’s a tradition in our house for the mama bear to make us all a handmade cake, usually in a creative, quirky fun design.

This year was quite an impressive cake I’ve gotta say, it’s up there as one of my favs! A five decker layer ice-cream cake. Oh my goodness was it yummy.

The best thing is, it’s all made of ice-cream so it’s so simple to make as there’s no baking involved. Any age can make it and it will look super impressive!

How to make you ice-cream cake

You’ll need:

  • 5x tubs of ice-cream, all different colours and flavours ideally (you won’t need it all)
  • Sweets and biscuits to decorate
  • Melted chocolate
  • 5x round cake tins

You’ll need the ice-cream slightly squishy to mould it for the first stage. So either take it out of the freezer for 5/10 minutes, or usually by the time you get back from the shops it’s the perfect stage to start making your ice-cream cake.

Scoop out your ice-cream into the cake tins – one flavour for each tin. Press it down firmly to create about a 1 inch thick layer.

Pop all cake tins back in the freezer to solidify and wait at least an hour for it to properly freeze.

Take out each of your cake tins, and fill up a washing up bowl with boiling water. Just dip each cake tin in the hot water for about 5 seconds, wipe the bottom of the tin with a tea towel and turn the tin over onto a plate. The ice-cream should pop out relatively easily with a few shakes. Take a knife and score around the edges and repeat the water technique again if you’re struggling to get it out.

Place all the layers on top of each other, then use your creative imagination to decorate your ice-cream tower.

Melted chocolate makes a great effect if you drip it down the edge of the cake. Or you could cover your cake in melted chocolate stripes.

Then adorn your cake with yummy sweets and biscuits. My mum decorated mine in mini jammi-dodgers, chocolate fingers, cadburys crunchie and wafer biscuits as they are a few of my favs!

The more colourful it is, the more impressive it’ll look!

Remember to keep it in the freezer until you’re ready to present to the birthday girl or boy.

There you have it, a super epic bake-less cake recipe!

bake-less cake recipe

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Handmade Gift Idea For Mamas-To-Be

This is a thoughtful handmade gift idea for a new mum or expecting mama. Perfect if you’re wondering what to get someone.

Inspired from a gift I received when I was pregnant, I wanted to write little letters to my bump of all the things I was thinking and dreaming for him. My pregnancy was a little miracle at a time filled with many unsettling circumstances. This little babe was one of the only things that kept us going mentally as a family and I wanted to express this in a letter to explain how perfectly timed his life was and how blessed we are to have him.

Gushy stuff over! I therefore wrote several letters – things I’d love him to try, things I hope for him, important things about life. I put them in different labelled envelopes.

Fast-forward to last month, I wanted to send a few of my pregnant friends a ‘thinking of you’ present. Pregnant during lockdown sounds incredibly tough, you’re desperate for things to keep you busy but want to do things that don’t require too much physical movement! So I personalised some envelopes for them to be able to write a similar thing for their bundle

gift idea for new mum

I wrote five envelopes and labelled them with different topics and decorated the edge of each envelope with some metallic washi tape.

Then I tied them up with string and added a tag to look a little more gift-like! I used the phrase ‘Letters to the one who made me a mum’

new mum gift idea

And there you have it, a thoughtful gift idea for new mum and mamas-to-be out there.

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Diversifying Our Shopping Habits

To date, as a business we have always tried to shop small and source our stock and supplies from small independents or fair trade organisations. But as part of the continued conversation about diversity, one of the things we can do as a company is to be mindful about the businesses we buy from. 

One of the ways to support ethnic minority communities is to shop from them.

Personally, I love coming across companies offering unique gifts, quirky accessories and yummy treats, especially if they’re from a small business. So to inspire you, here’s a few BAME-owned small UK businesses we have come across recently. 

Don’t forget there’s many ways to champion independent stores through social media follows, likes, comments, reviews, shares, and recommendations.

We hope this inspires you to find some brilliant new brands to support and fall in love with.

  1. Create your own mini home sanctuary with stunning accessories and decor @wildbohome

2. Learn how to make woven bead accessory rings @snailsandfairydust

3. There’s so much knitting and sewing inspiration over @cleocmc discovering how to make garments and accessories for your wardrobe

4. The Letterwell produces stunning, hopeful, hand-lettered prints and offers calligraphy services @theletterwell

5. Check out this beautiful range of natural, plant-based skin products that are great for you but also kind to the environment @tanaka.soaps

6. For all your cake cravings check out 12 year old Keziah who makes bespoke celebration cakes to order @keziaskitchen

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Give the gift of creativity with our new crochet kit

crochet kit

We’ve introduced a crochet kit which could make the perfect gift for the crochet lovers out there.

This fun crochet kit comes with everything you need to have a relaxing evening, creating a trio of colourful handmade wash cloths.

I Do Handmade crochet kit

This easy crocheting project comes with all the supplies to crochet three 16cm square dish cloths or flannels.

Sure to brighten up any home, the kit is suitable for anyone who has learnt the basics of crochet and able to read a super simple pattern. Newbies to crochet will particularly love this kit, helping improve their skills and create something useful for the home. 

Choose two of the five colourful 8 ply cotton yarns, all made from 100% soft and natural fibre.

crochet kit coloured wool five colours to use for crochet kit

This beautifully presented kit comes in a recyclable, letterbox friendly packaging, wrapped in tissue paper, tied with string and personalised with a message of your choice making it a great option for birthday or ‘thinking of you’ presents.

If crocheting is not their thing, check out our range of crafty kits which also make thoughtful gifts for your creative friends and family. 

do you kids like getting creative

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Useful Storage Bag Ideas

block printing

You can never enough useful storage bags. Well we’re helping the cause making the world become a little more organised with our useful storage bag decorating kits.

People have been getting creative at home with these super therapeutic block printing kits.

These kits come with a cotton bag of your choice, brightly coloured fabric paints and fair trade block print stamps. You create your own signature design using the stamps, leaving you with a beautifully original storage bag.

I’ve loved seeing people’s designs, and how they’re using these bags at home. I thought I’d share a little collection to inspire you how you could use yours.

If you fancy decorating your own useful storage bag, check out our range of block printing kits, which includes all the supplies you need, delivered straight to your door in letterbox friendly packaging.

useful storage bag block printed used to tidy laundry
Lydia uses her drawstring bag as a laundry bag to wash her work uniform in

useful storage bag block printed used to tidy craft bits
Fiona uses her zipped bag for all her crafty nik naks!

useful storage bag block printed
Charlene uses her accessory bag for lotions and potions in her handbag

useful storage bag block printed used to tidy toys
Ella is using her drawstring bag to keep her dolls accessories safe

Hayley keeps her tote bag in her handbag to save plastic bags from being used

Lisa uses her drawstring bag to organise her clothes when travelling

Fran has upgraded her bag for life with this foldable tote bag

Rose is using her accessory bag for her crochet hooks

useful storage bag block printed used to tidy laundry
Hayley uses her zipped accessory bag for makeup

Libby is using her drawstring bag for her notebooks and pens

If you fancy decorating a drawstring bag, a tote bag, a zipped bag or a baby vest, all with your own completely unique design. Click here to find out more.

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Switch Off From The World With A Doodle A Day

Escape the chaos for just a few minutes with a doodle a day.

For the last month I’ve been trying out a new habit before I go to bed. I doodle the highlights from the last 24 hours in a notebook.

Doodle a day

No fancy equipment, I just use a standard biro and notebook. I saw this idea on the lovely @libbypagewrites’s instagram and imagined it could be a nice way to switch off.

So I’ve been trying it out just before bedtime, which is when I usually endlessly scroll through my phone at completely trivial content.

The problem I thought I would have is that I cannot draw to save my life. I’m creative, but drawing does not come naturally to me.

But to begin with I sorta thought, who cares, this is an alternative to journalling, this is for me, so why does it matter?

Then after a few days, I started to get into it more and wanted my doodles to look a bit more creatively illustrated shall we say! So one night I googled ‘how to draw a baby’ as my attempts of drawing my 1 year old were pretty poor! And google instantly displays step by step instructions. You can do this for pretty much anything.

My drawing is definitely still questionable, but who cares!

Most of all, it’s been nice having this output to think about the day, what I loved, what I could do tomorrow that could make it better. It also calms me down and distracts me from any worries or anxiety that might have sneakily crept its way into my mind.

Here’s a few of my musings… now don’t laugh!

Of course doodling a day isn’t going to transform your mind into a positive haven of tranquillity over night, but if your go to is reaching for your phone at night time, this activity is much more life giving. Fancy giving it a go too?

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How To Make A Streamer Backdrop

If you have a celebration coming up and you’d like to decorate, check out this simple ‘how to make a streamer backdrop’ tutorial to create your own impressive display.

All you need:

  • Crepe paper streamers
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Gold metallic ribbon (optional)

I have seen so many of these stunning streamer backdrops all over pinterest, these brightly coloured backdrops can add a wow factor to any venue. So with my son’s 1st birthday during lockdown, I wanted to try make it special, not that he will remember it! I had a go at making my own.

Getting started

I went for a green jungle, turquoise and gold sorta’ colour theme. If you’re designing your own, choose colours that might be in the room, or on other decorations e.g. balloons, banners, bunting, table cloths, straws etc.

I bought crepe paper streamers from this ebay store. This particular UK based seller has lots of colours. When purchasing yours, I’d recommend choosing 3 or 4 colours.

Making Your Backdrop

Choose the width and height you’d like to make, e.g. if it’s going behind a table, measure the width of the table.

The string is what you’re going to tie your streamers to. Cut your string double your desired width, so you have enough to secure your backdrop to wherever it’s going.

I used our washing line to make our backdrop, and then re-positioned it when it was made. For yours decide where it’s going to go, and either make it there, or you could make it on a wall that has nails already in a wall holding up photos, or a curtain pole.

Tying your streamers

Once you’ve decided the height of your backdrop, take your first coloured streamer and cut it double your chosen length.Take the midway point of your cut streamer in one hand, and thread this over your string and bring the two tails through the loop. The official knot term is called a Lark Head Knot. See below an image taken from google.

This is the knot you’re going to do for each streamer.

Check you’re happy with the length of your first streamer, and if so start cutting more crepe streamers of the same length.

We tied ours in colour order, but feel free to add yours in any order you wish.

It also sometimes looks nice with them all different heights. You can always trim it at the end, if you’d prefer a neat line.

Finally, add a few gold ribbon strings randomly along your backdrop, and score them so they spiral. I think it personally adds a fun finish to the backdrop.

how to make a streamer backdrop

There you have it! A great DIY decoration idea perfect for baby showers, weddings, parties galore.

I secured mine to our freestanding copper arch which we hire out for weddings and events. I also added a DIY balloon arch, which is a story for another day 🙂

If you have a go at making your own I’d love to see, tag or share your pictures with us.

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10 Things You Can Decorate With Block Print Stamps

There are so many things you can decorate and personalise with block print stamps.

Block printing has been around for thousands of years, and is still providing so much joy for creatives today.

We provide block printing kits for people to create signature pattens onto tote and drawstring bags. These individually carved wooden block print stamps have been fair trade sourced from a family in Delhi

These stamps can be used to decorate so many more things than a fabric bag. If you’ve bought a kit, or have block print stamps at home, check out all the other things you could create with a bit of imagination.

Note – these are ideas I’ve found on Pinterest, they are all direct Pinterest pins which I have no affiliation with.

1. Handmade birthday cards

2. Hand stamped gift tags

3. Handprinted wrapping paper

4. Tea-towels

5. Lampshades

6. Imprinting soap patterns

7. Personalising clothes

8. Scarves

9. Notebook covers

10. Canvas for your home

There you have 10 things you can decorate with block print stamps.

If you would like to have a go at block printing yourself, check out our kits which can be delivered to your door or make thoughtful gifts for friends.

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How To Make a Lockdown Scrapbook

How to make a lockdown scrapbook

If you’re new to scrapbooking, here’s our simple guide on how to make a lockdown scrapbook, great to do with or without kids.

It’s currently May 2020 when writing this, 8 weeks into lockdown, and there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Shops are talking of re-opening, services potentially starting up again and workers are encouraged to go back to work. It’s definitely been a bizarre couple of months. But amongst the anxiety and sadness, there have been some moments I’m so grateful for, that I don’t want to forget. Spending time together, trying out new recipes, exploring alternative ways to keep busy.

If you’ve felt anyway similar, have you considered writing those memories down or printing those memorable photos out that just sit on our phones?

A lockdown memory book could be something we look at in the future reminding us of the things and feelings we felt. This period is something that will be marked in history books. It would be great to be able to show future generations how it impacted us, the lessons we learned and the important things we shouldn’t take for granted.

Got kids in your family? This is a great activity to do together as a family filling it with all the things you got up to during lockdown.

What is a scrapbook?

A scrapbook is a grander version of a photo album. The great thing about a scrapbook is that it’s a great way to remember moments as you can include more than just photos.

Scrapbooks are a collage version of a photo album. You fill them with photos, your thoughts, memories, feelings plus any physical documentation you wanna cherish, e.g receipts or tickets, or a leaflet or something the kids made.

how to make a lockdown scrapbook
Photo by charan sai from Pexels

There are some really talented scrapbookers out there that theme each page around the photo on the page. So if there’s a photo of someone at beach for example, they would create waves out of tissue paper for a border, or add seaside pictures and stickers, plus the plastic spoon they ate their icecream sundae with. That kinda thing.

Don’t worry though, your lockdown memory book can be as creative or as simple as you like!

Free scrapbook kit for you!

I’ve created a free printable scrapbook kit to help get you started. I designed this with kids in mind. But scrapbooking is something all ages can really enjoy. As well as the kit, you’ll also receive inspiration each month plus free tutorials of other projects to try, don’t worry you can unsubscribe any time if you just want the freebie.

To Make Your Scrapbook You’ll Need:

  • Notebook or scrapbook – Hobbycraft sell scrapbooks from £4, with beautiful front covers (the 8×8’’ size is great for this project)
  • Glue-stick
  • Scissors
  • Photos printed
  • The scrapbook kit PDF printed

Side note – To print your photos either print on your printer at home or get them delivered to your door. I have always used the Freeprints App to print my photos. You get 45 free prints every month, and you just pay for p&p. Here’s a link where we both get 5 additional free prints a month. Use this link or enter the promo code ‘backerman2’ at sign up.

How to make your scrapbook

1. Cut

Once you’ve got everything in front of you, cut out anything from the free kit you would like to use in your scrapbook. You’ll see text boxes are there to go next to photos, banners are there to be used for tops of pages, and colourful tape which you could use to look like its sticking down the photos.

2. Anything else to add?

Do you have other things around the house that you want to include that reminds you of this time? It could be artwork your kids made during lockdown, a receipt from the day you queued 2 hours at Tescos, a clean serviette with the Nandos logo, from when they delivered to your door, or a sheet of clean toilet roll to remind you how precious this was!

If you have any magazines or newspapers around the home you could include words and pictures that relate to each page you’re working on. The top headlines that we’ve been reading. Anything to remind you, years to come of what these days are like and how you feel right now.

3. Organise

Plan out your scrapbook before sticking anything down. Put your photos into some sort of order. It could be in date order or themed into subjects like foods you ate during lockdown, games you played, new things you tried etc.

4. Start sticking

You can create your scrapbook how you wish, I tend to stick my photo first and build around it. I include a little bit of writing next to most of my photos. So feel free to do the same using the text boxes available, or leave space next to your photo to write straight onto the page.

5. Add to it and fill in

Glue down any additional bits to your pages, magazine clippings, newspaper headlines. If you have any stickers around the home add them in. Or doodles you want to fill pages with.

Then next to your photos write a little bit about each one, what you’re feeling, your favourite thing about the photo, what you will always remember, something someone said, that kind of thing.

There you have it, a great memory book. You can apply this technique for any memories you want to cherish. Holidays, summary of the year, things you’ve learned.

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How to get organised using kitchen storage containers

Kitchen storage containers

Organise your cupboards using beautifully labeled kitchen storage containers.

I’ve saved so many pictures to my pinterest board of beautifully organised kitchen cupboards and labelled jars and bottles. I love the pictures where all the jars are the same style and all the labels are co-ordinated.

I thought it’s about time I have a go myself, and why not use this period of ‘down time’ at home to do so.

Which kitchen storage containers to use

After browsing the web, I actually found it quite hard to find the ones I wanted. But I settled for a pack of six from Amazon, which I’m glad I did as they’re great.

This pack comes with three sized containers, two of each size. Each one has an air-tight seal which keeps everything fresh, and are slightly square shaped. This means they won’t waste too much precious space on the shelf which I was worried round jars would do.

Kitchen storage containers

I bought 12 kitchen storage containers in total, so I went through the cupboards to see what 12 ingredients I could transfer.

Kitchen storage containers being filled with ingredients

Having a mixture of sized jars was definitely useful as some foods didn’t require such a large container.

Before filling them up though, I made a note of what would go in each one to be sure I had enough jars. Now the fun part – filling them up!

Labelling the containers

The great thing about this pack of kitchen storage containers, was that it included chalk label stickers and a chalk marker pen. So I wrote out all the names I needed and added a dotted border.

Chalkboard labels for the Kitchen storage containers

I left the chalk labels to dry for about 15 minutes before sticking them on, as they looked like they would smudge if I touched them.

Labelling the Kitchen storage containers

When sticking the labels onto the storage containers, I stood them all next to each other so that the stickers were all the same height.

Kitchen storage containers labeled with chalkboard stickers

And there they are! These jars now stand proudly on the shelf. I now have slightly more organised cupboards with labelled kitchen storage containers. I’m now contemplating buying more containers for all the other things in my cupboards!

Kitchen storage containers labeled with chalkboard stickers

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How To Make A Vision Board

Jar of flowers

At the beginning of the year we hosted ‘How To Make A Vision Board’ Workshops helping people get intentional about the year ahead.

Writing this at the beginning of lockdown 2020, the sessions took place just over 10 weeks ago and in that time, the world has dramatically changed. I don’t think any of us imagined the year would go like this.

I knew had to do something to help focus on the things I can control and try and be mindful about letting go of the things I can’t. 

So I thought about the concept of vision boards, why can’t the same practice work for seasons as well as years. Surely you can make a positive plan for any season in life. New school years, moving homes, transitioning jobs etc.

So here’s your ‘How To’ guide on how to make a vision board for any season of life.

Vision board for lockdown

How to make a vision board

  1. Choose your vision board style

Choose a style that you’ll enjoy making, a list, collage, Pinterest board, illustrations. This one I did in the style of a big doodled brainstorm on an A2 piece of paper.

2. Decide the areas you wanna focus on

On a scrap bit of paper, write down the main areas of your life that you would love to focus on or improve. If you’re struggling to think, we’ve created this handy guide to help you think of potential areas and ideas to go on your board. For me I chose:

  • Friendships
  • Marriage
  • Reuben (my son)
  • The home
  • Faith
  • Community
  • Education
  • Health

3. Dream up the best for each one

Go through each area, still on your separate piece of paper, write down ideas that you’d love to try, learn, do, feel. Think of things that might bring you joy. 

Think about your situation right now, how could you use your position or opportunity for the better? For example, as I’m writing in lockdown you might be one of the ones stuck at home, cut off from your normal routine. Are there things you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time? Are there things on your To Do list that just never get ticked off? What could this ‘time out’ offer you? A bigger appreciation for the simple things?

If useful, I’ll give you one of my own examples, under my child ‘Reuben’ I thought of all the things I could do will make the time with my 11 month old more special. Some things on my list:

  • Make things for him to play with
  • Create a fun photoshoot with him
  • Try new recipes for him to eat
  • Teach him a new word each week
  • Find an online baby group to stream into
  • Google sensory toy ideas from household objects
  • Find alternative educational tv shows  

If you’re stuck for inspiration, I’d highly recommend checking out Pinterest and do a search for each area. E.g. ‘home improvement ideas’ or ‘fun activities to do with kids’ or ‘ways to have fun at home’. There really is so many resources out there that could inspire you on things you’d love to do.

Another example of thinking outside the box, you could be in a dead end job you don’t enjoy and are bored stiff. Are there moments of the day where you could explore other industries or roles? Are there people in your job, that you don’t know yet that could help you? Is anyone in job roles that you would love to be one day that you could shadow or learn from. Try and think out the box, and dream up new opportunities, building your roadmap on how to get there.

4. Prettify the vision

Once you’ve created your list, you can either leave it as it is, or turn it in into a beautiful illustration.

If you have magazines or newspapers at home, tear out images/words/colours that represent the things you’ve made on the list. E.g You want to start writing letters to your friends, find pictures of a postbox or envelopes, or a stamp.

If like me during lockdown you have no magazines or newspapers, turn your list into a colourful poster. If you’ve got kids, this could be an activity you could do together as a family. Write the areas of your life out in big, then write your ideas around them in different colours and font styles. You could doodle illustrations that match what you’d like to achieve. For example If you wanna use this time to learn French – you could draw a little French flag. 

vision board for lockdown with calligraphy

Et voila!

There you have it, an intentional plan, bringing you purpose and highlighting the things that could bring you more joy.

It’s only been a few days since making mine, but it’s already made a difference to me mentally. Knowing I have a rough plan for the next few months is comforting and if on a day, the only task I manage to complete is ‘defrost the freezer’ I weirdly still feel a sense of accomplishment!

If this has inspired you or encouraged you to make something similar I’d love to know. Drop me an email or a message me in the comments below.

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How to make THE best cocktails every time

Pinch and a (rum) punch, first day of the month. Happy April everyone. We don’t wanna do any fooling here, it’s already a tough old world out there, so here’s your ultimate guide for making the best cocktails every time.

How to make the best cocktails
How to make the best cocktails

I came across this clever recipe on Pinterest and you can make THE best cocktails with pretty much any ingredients.

All you gotta do is remember the rhyme…

1 of sour, 2 of sweet, 3 of strong and 4 of weak

Firstly pick the unit you’re gonna use depending on how many people it’s for. E.g. if it’s just for yourself you might wanna use a shot measure and if it’s for the whole household, you might wanna use a jug… just make sure you use the same unit all the way through.

So to give you an example, here’s my favourite concoction…

1 shot of sour – fresh lime juice (you could also use lemon juice)

2 shots of sweet – grenadine (you could also use sugar syrup/gomme)

3 shots of strong – spiced rum (the fun part, pick any spirit that takes your fancy)

4 shots of weak – pineapple juice (choose any juice or soft drink) 

So for anyone wondering what to do at home, have some fun experimenting until you find your favourite. Just remember to keep to the 1234 ratio.

Add some fruit when you’re ready to serve and don’t forget to make sure you have plenty of ice!

I personally think pineapple and kiwi always makes a prettier punch, and even more delicious!

What’s the first cocktail ingredients you’re gonna try?

If you’re making cocktails for a celebration, have you checked out our guide on how to have a party at home during lockdown?

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How to Celebrate at Home

wedding table decorations

Did you have a big party planned during this isolation period? A birthday? A family celebration?⁣

Please still recognise the day! It certainly won’t be as you imagined but you could still make some fun memories.⁣

It’s our 7th birthday next week, so here’s 7 ways to celebrate special occasions while stuck at home…⁣

1. Create a virtual party with your nearest and dearest. Zoom video conferencing is WONDERFUL for large groups. You could still send out invites in the post to make it feel special. Set the date and time, include a BYOB reminder and have a few drinks and catch up with your pals.

2. Why not organise a dinner date on video with your loved ones. Everyone prepare a fancy meal at home and light a candle for a bit of atmosphere. Plan to eat and meet at a certain time and have dinner together on WhatsApp or Facetime.

3. And if you wanna play some party games, do it virtually. Headsup (charades style app), download a pub quiz, or play 2 truths and a lie. Read my lips (microphone off and guess what they say) is a goodie! Or a drawing challenge (describe something for people to draw and they have to guess what it is), and you can’t go wrong with a few rounds of Would You Rather.

4. If there’s a birthday in your household, decorate with the things you have around your home. You could make this a fun activity if you’ve got kids. Paper chains out of magazines, hand painted signs or why not dig those fairy lights out from your Christmas decor box. You could even have a clothes sort out and turn any old tshirts into bunting flags with scissors and a stapler!

5. Treat the birthday girl/boy and organise all your meals to be fun and a little less normal. Breakfast eggs fried in metal cookie cutter shapes, chocolate spread painted words on toast. Lunch could be sandwiches cut into heart shapes. Dinners could be arranged into a face with a fruit platter rainbow for dessert. Be creative and make your meals that little bit different.

6. Download free printables to create a few personalised touches around the home. Some of our favourite printables out there…

7. Finally host a ‘make it’ competition on video chat. Watermelon carving, flower arranging, lego robot building, baby grow decorating, T-shirt embroidering, cake decorating, canvas painting. Everyone make it together while on video chat, then present your creations and vote for the best one!

Hopefully an idea or two to help you make the most of a pooey situation.

Hang in there friends x