Stick & Sew Embroidery Patches


Personalise garments or accessories with these fun stick and sew patches


Personalise garments and accessories with these stick and sew embroidery patches.

This makes a great activity for personalising your wardrobe. Choose one of the three design options, either butterflies, tropical themed or quotes. Each pack includes at least 8 different patches for you to cut out, stick and sew onto a project of your choice.

Simply cut out the design you want, peel off the backing of the design, stick onto the desired area of fabric, and embroider stitches of your choice on top, using your own embroidery threads you have at home. Once complete, wash with warm water, leaving your beautiful stitching behind.

These patches are perfect for stitching embroidery hoops, on to clothing, bags, and great for experimenting with different stitches and fabrics.

It makes a thoughtful gift for a sustainable loving crafter who loves fashion or a lovely introduction to embroidery. It also makes a fun activity for groups of friends, parties and get togethers.

What’s included:
One pack includes at least 8 patches in your chosen themed design

Optional extras:

  • Illustrated instructions and video tutorials explaining a variety of stitches which you can use for these patches
  • A mini sewing kit with needle and selection of coloured threads to use for these patches
  • Embroidery scissors

To use these patches, you will need scissors, embroidery thread and clothing and accessories.

Please note if you are a complete beginner with no embroidery knowledge, or materials at home, you will need the instructions and mini sewing kit add ons, to know embroider the stick and sew patches.

About The Maker

This kit is brought to you by Treasure Kave, a hand embroidery business. Run by Kat and a self-confessed craftaholic, she believes in designing beautiful, quality, fun and sustainable gifts that will be treasured for years to come. Treasure Kave is passionate about creating gifts & imparting skills for people to treasure.

To help inspire others Kat has developed a range of embroidery kits which are designed to be fun and accessible for all abilities. Many of Treasure Kave’s embroidery kits come with video instructions for a more modern, fun and visually accessible way to learn. Treasure Kave ensures quality, fun, accessibility and sustainability, by inspiring others to up-cycle and uses British sourced products and packaging.



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