Mini Charm Decorating Bundle


Decorate three charms and turn it into a bracelet, a keyring or a necklace


Perfect for creative little hands, this food themed jewellery craft kit contains everything you need to decorate three handmade charms and turn them into a bracelet, a keyring and a necklace.

Choose from the various style options, from mini cupcakes, to donuts, to pizzas, to fruit tarts to ice cream cone charms. Then decorate each charm with the included accessories using the easy to follow instructions.

This kit comes with three undecorated foodie treats, and enough decorations to decorate them, so these kits are perfect for kids to either make on their own (with an adult supervising), or for them to make with a friend.

These kits also make great activities for a kid’s birthday party, a rainy afternoon or just keeping little ones occupied during school holidays, they’re just the thing you need when you want to channel their energy into something creative.

Each kit contains:

  • Three undecorated donut charms
  • Polymer clay
  • Bracelet
  • Necklace,
  • Keyring
  • Mini mould
  • Mini Decorations
  • Heat-setting clay glue
  • Applicator.

Every charm has been individually handmade, making each one entirely unique. The colour of the kit contents may also vary slightly.

All kits come with clear instructions that can be followed easily by children ages 8 and up but all children must have adult supervision when crafting. Once decorated, an adult must oven-cure them to make sure all of the designs are set.

This product has undergone CE testing and has a CE mark.

This kit also available as a single charm making kit for £7.50 here

About The Maker

This kit is brought to you by Tiny Treat Boutique, a family business based in Hastings on the South Coast. Caroline is the maker, while sister Alice uses her experience in admin, design and marketing to keep everything on track. Dad David and brother Rob send out the packages and make sure everything gets to customers on time. They also work on finding the best packaging and even built their own vacuum former in the garage to get it just right!
Tiny Treat Boutique began making dolls house food and moved into jewellery when they realised that people were interested in more in wearable decor! From cupcakes and slices of cheesecake, through to ice lollies and macarons to fully recreated miniature wedding cakes, we can make any confection at a tiny size.



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