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Lockdown your vision for this season

Struggling with lockdown? This life giving, purpose bringing exercise might help you feel a little brighter…

At the beginning of the year we hosted Vision Board Making Workshops helping people get intentional about the year ahead.

The sessions took place just over 10 weeks ago and in that time, the world has dramatically changed. I don’t think any of us imagined 2020 would look like this.

It’s an unsettling time right now, and many are struggling mentally and financially – I know I am.

I knew had to do something to help focus on the things I can control and try and be mindful about letting go of the things I can’t. 

So I thought about the concept of vision boards, why couldn’t the same practice work for seasons as well as years. While our bigger dreams and desires for 2020 may be put on pause, I wondered why not create a positive plan for this uncertain season.

Welcome your Vision Board Locked Down – something that will be a memory for you to look at in the years to come!

Vision board for lockdown

How to make your Vision Board

  1. Choose your vision board style

I did mine in the style of a big doodled brainstorm on paper. It can be in any format really, a list, collage, Pinterest board, illustrations. 

2. Decide the areas you wanna focus on

On a scrap bit of paper, write down the main areas of your life that are impacted right now. If you’re struggling to think of them, we’ve created this handy guide to help you think of potential areas and ideas to go on your board. For me I chose:

  • Friendships
  • Marriage
  • Reuben (my son)
  • The home
  • Faith
  • Community
  • Education
  • Health

3. Dream up the best for each one

Go through each one, and write down ideas of things that you’d love to try, learn, do, feel. Obviously keeping the lockdown restrictions in mind, think of things that might bring you joy in the every day mundane. 

These times will never probably happen again in our lifetime. If you’re one of the ones who are stuck at home, cut off from your normal routine, how could you use this opportunity for the better? Are there things you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time? Are there things on your To Do list that just never get ticked off? What could this ‘time out’ offer you? A bigger appreciation for the simple things?

If useful, I’ll give you one of my own examples, under my child ‘Reuben’ I thought of all the things I could do will make the time with my 11 month old more special. The things on my list:

  • Make things for him to play with
  • Create a fun photoshoot with him
  • Try new recipes for him to eat
  • Teach him a new word each week
  • Find an online baby group to stream into
  • Google sensory toy ideas from household objects
  • Find alternative educational tv shows  

If you’re stuck for inspiration, I’d highly recommend checking out Pinterest and do a search for each area. E.g. ‘home improvement ideas’ or ‘fun activities to do with kids’ or ‘ways to have fun at home’. There really is so many resources out there that could inspire you on things you’d love to do.

4. Prettify the vision

Once you’ve created your list, you can either leave it as it is, or turn it in into a beautiful illustration – well it’s something to do isn’t it!

If you have magazines or newspapers at home, tear out images/words/colours that represent the things you’ve made on the list. E.g You want to start writing letters to your friends, find pictures of a postbox or envelopes, or a stamp.

If like me during lockdown you have no magazines or newspapers, turn your list into a colourful poster. If you’ve got kids, this could be an activity you could do together as a family. Write the areas of your life out in big, then write your ideas around them in different colours and font styles. You could doodle illustrations that match what you’d like to achieve. For example If you wanna use this time to learn French – you could draw a little French flag. 

vision board for lockdown with calligraphy

Et voila!

There you have it, an intentional plan on how to master lockdown, bringing you purpose and highlighting the things that could bring you more joy.

It’s only been a few days since making mine, but it’s already made a difference to me mentally. Knowing I have a rough plan for the next few months is comforting and if on a day, the only task I manage to complete is ‘defrost the freezer’ I weirdly still feel a sense of accomplishment!

If this has inspired you or encouraged you to make something similar I’d love to know. Drop me an email or a message me in the comments below.

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