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How to turn trash into treasure

A pallet project idea, turning your trash into treasure with this upcycling adventure.

If you’re looking for small garden solutions, a way to make your balcony a little greener or ways to add a bit of decorative flair to your garden, why not try out this pallet project upcycling adventure.

I’m always on the prowl for new pallet projects to start and this upcycling bonanza was a goodie! I turned two pallets, that were trash-bound, into a pretty flower display to go in front of my porch.

I spotted two pallets exactly the same size next to a skip and made a dash for them. There was hope for these two beauties!

I chose a pistachio coloured paint, good for wood and painted them both.

I then stood them both up, and put them on top of each other so the slats were all going in the same direction. Drilled a plank of wood across the join on both sides so they could stand on top of eachother.

I then sourced 8 buckets hooks and planted little flowers in each one. I found the buckets on ebay, under a pound each plus free p&p!

flower pot buckets for pallet project idea

I attached all the buckets et voila! An uber cute front garden display that will welcome anyone to your home.

pallet project ideas

A top tip for anyone who is interested in pallet project ideas, never pay for pallets. Sneaky so n’ so’s try and sell them on ebay, amazon or gumtree.

Keep your eyes peeled, and you’ll see they’re everywhere when you’re out and about. Houses being renovated, outside shops or factories or skips. Most people, particularly skip renters are overjoyed with you taking pallets as there’s more space in the skip for their junk! It’s always best to ask permission though just incase 🙂

If you can’t spot any, take a look on ebay or facebook market place and type in ‘free pallets’

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