Craft Your Own Beer Kit


Brew your own beer at home with this fun kit


Brew craft beer at home. All the equipment, ingredients and instructions for our easy-to-make craft beer. Makes 10 bottles of delicious home-brewed beer.

This kit makes 10 bottles of delicious home-brewed beer and includes:
– Ingredients kit
– Fermenting bucket & airlock
– Thermometer
– Brewing bag
– Bottling wand

You’ll also need:
– A large cooking pot (10 L)
– Containers for your finished beer – Choose to add on 10 glass or plastic bottles to your order by selecting from the options

This easy-to-make craft beer kit is brilliant if you’re new to beer brewing, and makes a thoughtful gift for any beer-lover.

The brew-in-bag method means that our all-grain recipe is made in just 1 pot, and you can make it in the comfort of your own home.

Choose from one of the four different beers to make in the options, from a rich chocolate stout to a fully topped IPA, there’s something for every beer drinker.

About The Maker

This kit is brought to you by Bottle Topped. This family-run business from London offers craft beer kits including all the fresh ingredients you need to make your own brilliant home brew. Whether you’re new to beer brewing, or you’re a brewing pro and would like to try out a new recipe, they’re on a mission to make beer brewing simple and delicious. Their “Brew-in-Bag” method means you can brew 1 gallon (5 litres) of beer in 1 pot, without any concentrates or extracts.