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Save our planet

OK I’ll admit it, I’m a hoarder, and this must be a genetic thing coz everyone in my family is one too. You just never know when you might need that cute packaging/ quirky looking bottle/ or useful can that coffee came in 🙈

But this fortunate (or unfortunate – depending how you look at it!) trait has meant that most of our decor to hire has been made out of recycled goods.

Left over wood, pipe, card, jars, paint etc, all was kept coz we thought ‘hey that might come in use one day!’ Typical hoarderish symptoms 😬😆

When I get an idea for a new prop for an event, I prowl around the garage to see what we could use, or if I cant find anything I’m a big fan of recycling sites –, or

It’s a little way we can help save our beautiful planet too.

This upcycled fire guard I found in the loft and turned it into a perrrty looking sign that we hire out.

Any fellow hoarders out there?! Turned something old into something new?