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Switch Off From The World With A Doodle A Day

Escape the chaos for just a few minutes with a doodle a day.

For the last month I’ve been trying out a new habit before I go to bed. I doodle the highlights from the last 24 hours in a notebook.

Doodle a day

No fancy equipment, I just use a standard biro and notebook. I saw this idea on the lovely @libbypagewrites’s instagram and imagined it could be a nice way to switch off.

So I’ve been trying it out just before bedtime, which is when I usually endlessly scroll through my phone at completely trivial content.

The problem I thought I would have is that I cannot draw to save my life. I’m creative, but drawing does not come naturally to me.

But to begin with I sorta thought, who cares, this is an alternative to journalling, this is for me, so why does it matter?

Then after a few days, I started to get into it more and wanted my doodles to look a bit more creatively illustrated shall we say! So one night I googled ‘how to draw a baby’ as my attempts of drawing my 1 year old were pretty poor! And google instantly displays step by step instructions. You can do this for pretty much anything.

My drawing is definitely still questionable, but who cares!

Most of all, it’s been nice having this output to think about the day, what I loved, what I could do tomorrow that could make it better. It also calms me down and distracts me from any worries or anxiety that might have sneakily crept its way into my mind.

Here’s a few of my musings… now don’t laugh!

Of course doodling a day isn’t going to transform your mind into a positive haven of tranquillity over night, but if your go to is reaching for your phone at night time, this activity is much more life giving. Fancy giving it a go too?