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Keep All Your Lists Safe With These

Keep all your lists safe with these decorative pegs.

Put a few of your clothes pegs to another good use – fridge magnets! They’re so easy to decorate and your fridge door will appreciate the attention.


All you need is:

  • Strips of magnet tape
  • Washi tape
  • Stickers

Buy strips of magnet from most craft shops or eBay. You can buy it by the meter with one side sticky, the other magnet of course! Then cut up strips to match your peg length.

Then on the other side use any stickers that take your fancy! I saw some stickers with phrases for my pegs to help keep me organised. If you find stickers that are a little bigger, trim around the edge.

Now, I’ll be able to peg my receipts, notes and keep them all in order! (Notice there are none yet in the photo!)

If you just want a simpler design and no words, why not try decorative washi tape which you can buy from most craft shops or ebay.

And if lists aren’t your thing, why not use these pegs to hold photos or your child’s constant flow of arty masterpieces.