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Teacher love

It has come to the end of the school year here, that day teachers have been dreaming of… 6 weeks off! Thought I’d post pictures of a gift I made for my bestie who’s an amazing teacher.

It involved 2 boxes of crayola wax crayons, a tube of ‘no more nails’ (which by the way is my solution to most problems in life – it fixes everrrrything!!) a bit of patience and a sharp knife.


I saw the idea online and thought I could conquer this one! It wasn’t too difficult, I printed out the letter in the font I wanted to use as a trace. Placed the card I stuck the crayons to, on top of the traced letter and then I was able to see the letter through to use as a guide.


I did a dummy run to check I had enough crayons in the right colours first, then off I went – hacking away at each crayon making it the right length! They are very easy to saw, the hardest bit is ensuring the thin paper wrapping on each crayon doesn’t tear and look messy. Once happy with the length, apply a line of glue down the edge of the crayon and hold in place for a few seconds.

And there you go, a gift filled with so much love! I have told my friend though, she can only marry someone with a surname beginning with P!