Waterloo Station Pop-Up

In a nutshell:

  • We’re hosting a mini pop-up in Waterloo station 
  • From 16 Oct – 5 Nov 2023, open from 10am – 7pm everyday Mon-Sun
  • Each day there will be 4 different brands popping up with us,

Where will the pop-up be located?

The pop-up will be located on the main departure concourse, close to the ticket barriers by platform 9 & 10. We’ll be open from 10am – 7pm everyday Mon-Sun, stall holders are to arrive by 9.30am to set up and be ready to sell from 10am.

What will the pop-up look like? 

Here’s a video of a pop-up in another station. We will be using these cabinets in the same layout at Waterloo. Our pop-up will look a little similar except with I Do Handmade branding, plus there will be logos showing of the 4 brands that are there that day.

About your stall

  • Each stall holder will have 2 cabinets totalling around 1.5m-2m width of space to display your products inside and on top (light-weight items only and anything out, is at your own risk) – similar to the photo below
  • Storage is limited, there are lockable small cupboards under each cabinet to store stock and collapsible bags as you can see in the video. However there is no space for large suitcases or trolleys. There is a left luggage facility 2-5 minutes walk from the station which costing £5 per item as a backup if you need to store large items.
  • Nothing can be on the floor, everything stallholders bring must be in or on the display cabinet, in the cupboards or at the left luggage facility.
  • On the day of your stall booking, stallholders would need to go to the security office at Waterloo, showing photographic ID (passport or driving licence) to get a staff pass (on every day of your booking). On the first day of your booking you would need to take part in a 10 minute security brief and safety video. 

About your booking

  • All stalls cost £160 per day (you keep 100% of your takings)
  • There will be 4 different small businesses at the pop-up every day (all selling a different product type) each stall will be manned by one stall holder (so four people in total each day).
  • One of the biggest limitations is that we’re only allowed a maximum of 4 people working at the pop-up at any given time, so all 4 stallholders would need to come solo. Friends/family of course can visit you during the day to support, however they would not be able to work at your stall at any point. 
  • For this reason, we will have a staff member at the pop-up throughout the day as we know it can be daunting working alone. We also ask that all stallholders applying come to the pop-up, also wanting to support each other through the day.

Any other restrictions?

  • Parking is fairly limited with no car park directly outside. Therefore we recommend travelling via public transport/uber, or booking a private car parking space using justpark.com
  • Stall holders must sell handmade products and have Public Liability Insurance of £1m minimum
  • Due to the extensive planning involved for this pop-up, all stall bookings for this venue will be non-refundable, non-exchangeable and we ask if stallholders are offered a place that they commit to turning up, and being on time.
  • Working in a station environment increases safety risks, all of your stock and belongings are displayed at your own risk. We highly recommend having a wearable bag for your phone/card reader etc.
  • Your total sales figures for the day will need to be submitted to Network Rail at the end of each day. 
  • At the end of each day, we will ask you to wipe down your stall using the wipes provided to ensure it is left clean for the next person

What products can be sold at the Waterloo pop-up?

This pop-up is open to all handmade product sellers

Food sales 

  • Any food must arrive pre-packaged (No food preparation of any kind can be done at the pop-up)
  • You must have the relevant food safety & hygiene certification for selling food.
  • Clear signage of ingredients and allergens must be visible on your stall.
  • Food is allowed to be out on display to show customers what your product looks like, but any open food cannot be sold.
  • Samples are allowed to be offered to the public, with clear signage of ingredients and allergens.

Alcohol sales

  • Alcohol can be sold however it must arrive bottled and sold in bottles (not cups) to encourage drinking off-site
  • You would need to organise a TENS yourself for the days you are there.
  • There is no refrigeration, sinks or ice facilities.
  • You would need to manage the +18 check for all customers tasting and purchasing from you.
  • Samples are allowed to be offered to the public.

What facilities will be available at the pop-up?

  • There is free public wifi, however we recommend using your own data incase wifi becomes unavailable
  • Hand gel
  • Everything you bring for your stall needs to be wireless, there is a plug available for adhoc power, but any electrical equipment must be PAT tested if using the socket
  • There will be 4 small foldable stools 
  • Two lockable cupboards under each stall to store stock and your belongings

Other trading rules for Waterloo station

  • No balloons / music
  • No children behind the stalls
  • No suitcases/boxes on the floor
  • No lit candles or burning of incense
  • No food/drinks on show, please use your storage cupboards for your own personal snacks and drinks 
  • No table cloths on top of cabinets, they are to be kept clear and see through to see products inside (table cloth can be used inside cabinet to colour the surface of the cabinet
  • Nothing to be on the floor (no pull up banners/clothes rails/props etc), everything you bring needs to be in the cabinet or on top (light-weight objects only)
  • No handwritten/unprofessional signage or graphics cello-taped to your stall
  • 1 person max behind each stall at any time
  • Please be mindful of your stall neighbours, ensuring you don’t block their stall

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Want to apply for a stall?

We are currently fully booked for our pop-up between 16 Oct – 5 Nov 2023, however we will likely have a few cancellations, and we will be making plans for 2024 station pop-ups very soon. If interested in either, please answer the following questions and hit submit: