Ideal Home Show 2024

We’re in the very early stages of working on two very exciting new pop-ups for 2024 and the Ideal Home Show.

We’re creating an I Do Handmade Small Biz Village, which will be full of handmade brands at both the Ideal Home Show in Scotland in May 2024 AND the Christmas Ideal Home Show in London in November 2024! We’re on a mission to help handmade brands pop up in impressive spaces, helping make it easier to get your products in front of thousands of people.

When will these events be?

Ideal Home Show Scotland SEC arena – 24-27 May 2024

Christmas Ideal Home Show London Olympia – 21-24 Nov 2024

Tell me more 

We’re still working on the logistics, however the idea is to have up to 30 brands in an I Do Handmade branded zone, at both shows. Each small business would have their own named stall, selling their own products in a similar fashion to typical markets and fairs. A display table would be provided similar size to a trestle table (exact details to be confirmed) with storage underneath, meaning you just need to bring your stock, your card reader and any branding you would like on your table.

It will be a flexible opportunity, meaning you won’t need to be there for all of the 4 days, helping make it more accessible for more businesses.

Exact prices of stalls are still being finalised while we source the furniture and equipment we’ll need, but to give you a rough window of price, Scotland will likely be between £200-£400 per day and London between £800-£1000 per day

As always with our events, you take home 100% of your takings. We are working on a full info pack which we will send late Nov/early Dec to anyone who is interested with all this details. If you would be interested in finding out more, fill in your details below and we’ll send it over.


Booking your own booth at these renowned national shows can cost businesses anything from £2000 up to £10,000+ to take part. You are usually responsible to fit out your booth with furniture, carpet, branding, and have to be there 4 days in row, which can be difficult for business owners with families and other responsibilities.

This concept we are creating is designed to help handmade brands pay less, offer flexibility and the chance to test this sales environment with less financial risk, for potential future exhibitions.

About the booking process

  • If you want to be first on the list to receive our info pack, please answer the below questions
  • We will finalise all the details about both shows and email you the info pack late Nov/early Dec to help you decide if either/both shows are right for your business
  • If you want to go ahead and apply for a stall, we will require a £50 deposit in Dec/Jan, and a completed application form (fully refundable if your brand is not accepted, and if you are accepted this will be deducted from your final balance)
  • Late January all brands will be submitted to the Ideal Home Show to confirm which ones they would like there and we’ll be in touch February with an outcome on your application.
  • If successful, payment plans will be available to spread the cost, but all funds will need to be paid by 30th April for Scotland and 1st October for London.
  • Just to re-confirm, no payment is required now, just the answers to the following questions:

If you have any questions, of course do not hesitate to get in touch here


Are the stalls more appropriate for businesses that sell homeware, or would accessories be okay?

Great question! No, all sorts of accessories, jewellery, fragrance, gift ideas we’d love a variety of brands 😃