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Let’s get making…!

Wedding signpost handmade of wood

Welcome to i do. vintage! I am so excited to get this baby started. Me and my mum have been brainstorming, sewing, planning galore… but finally! Our vintage props and bespoke vintage collection is growing at quite a speed and we’re ready to launch our website.

After I (I’m Becky by the way) recently got married, I had so many vintage goodies and bits and bobs, I didn’t know what to do with them all! I had this idea that we could rent out the props out to other sweethearts to help add a vintage touch to their wedding! BUT theres more! My wedding had a very homemade, unique feel; me and my mum spent hours sewing napkin holders, or sawing wood to make a picket fence and hammering nails into our hanging picture frame for a photo booth we had.

Everyone who came to the wedding couldn’t believe all the things we handmade ourselves, so with this in mind, why not share this creativity with the world! Offer these vintage, unique, one of a kind props to help add that homey bespoke feeling to any special event.

Both me and my mum (she’s called Wendy by the way) become inspired all the time to make new crafty things. We’re both always halfway through some crafty creation, then we see something else which is just as amazing and start working on another something new!

I’ll be using this site to advertise our props, upload ‘how to’s’ on the projects we make and hopefully inspire others to make bespoke bits and bobs.


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