Get to know us

I’m Becky, a 30 something mama from West London and have been a creative soul since I can remember. I run this little business together with my mum Wendy, who’s a palliative care nurse by profession and works a few days a week in a local hospital. The rest of her time you’ll either find her baking, sewing, knitting or trying out a new baking trend.

In a nutshell

Crafters, sewers, florists, painters, calligraphers, bakers, probably candlestick makers although not tried. We’re a talented duo and passionate about sharing our skills and positivity for sustainable, handmade crafts and decor with the world.

We’re on a mission to give busy lives a dose calm by encouraging them to get creative.

How it all begun

As a child I used to always be making something out of anything lying around the house. Pencil pots out of toilet rolls, a computer out of an empty shreddies box – that kinda talent! I used to looove getting home after school to watch Art Attack and Smart! Any 80s babes remember that show?

My biggest influence was my mum and my grandma, they are two incredibly talented ladies. They were always trying new projects out, and as a kid I always wanted to have a go at too. From pottery to quilling to embroidery to weaving, you name it.

Fast forward several years, in 2008 I graduated and bumbled my way into the PR and Communication world, working at Eurostar then BA, while also running my own mobile spray tan business in the evenings which is probably a story for another day!

In 2013 we launched I Do Handmade

This little company all started following my own wedding in 2013. With the help of budding bridesmaids and family, we pretty much made/built/ baked/sewed/crafted everything but the dress.

After the big day, we received a few requests asking if we’d create personalised decor for their weddings. And so we begun; putting all of our crafty skills and talents to work and we haven’t stopped transforming stunning venues since.

When getting married, I couldn’t believe how overpriced everything was. Something I learned was that decorating does not need to be expensive, with a bit of handy DIY and crafty TLC you can really transform any blank space into a wonderland!

In 2018 I went full time self-employed

I left the corporate world back in 2018, to focus purely on on this handmade venture full-time. It was a scary leap, but after feeling so torn, I wanted to give this little company my all, I had big dreams and hopes for this handmade business.

In 2019 we launched Craft Workshops

In the busyness of life, something which has always calmed me down is taking a moment to switch off and get creative. Whether it’s practicing calligraphy, creating handmade cards, upcycling furniture, anything that gets us out of my heads does wonders for the soul! And I knew this could help so many other people too.

I wanted to grow the business, and use our talents to help people. So we begun hosting craft workshops, giving people the opportunity to try something a bit different and switch off from this busy ol’ world. Our workshops feature a relaxed vibe, and are great for anyone with or without craft experience.

In 2020 we launched Create It Yourself Kits

When Covid-19 landed in the UK, we had to postpone all workshops. So we converted our workshops into craft kits that people could make at home. We begun with a tote bag decorating kit and have been slowly increasing the range. Kits come with all the supplies you need to get started straight away.

It’s been so encouraging hearing comments on how therapeutic and distracting these craft kits have been for people, especially during lockdown.

We love this beautiful planet we call home, all of our craft kit packaging is eco-friendly, and where we can, we source fair trade products and work with small businesses for our supplies.

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Our services

View our range of kits that will help you or a friend to get creative at home. These kits make wonderful, thoughtful gifts and come with all the supplies you need.

We love helping others get their creative groove on. We host craft workshops bringing groups together inspiring people to get creative. If you’d like us to host a personalised, session for your team or group of friends, we’d love to hear from you and put together a bespoke workshop.

Browse our library of decor available to hire for your next event. From personalised signage to guestbooks with a difference. We’re imaginative and creative and love focusing on those teeny tiny details.

We’re a talented duo with many creative skills up our sleeves, from woodwork, to needlework, to floristry, to baking. It’s super exciting when we receive requests to create original and one of a kind props and decor. Get in touch if you have something you’d like built or created for your home or event.

We welcome brand partnerships and collaborations, get in touch if you’d like to work together.