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Bonjour party time :)

Last night my fingers were up to crafty mischief again…! In a weeks time me and the hubby are having a mini birthday party so I’m going all out on decorative touches.

One of the things I was making last night were little flags on cocktail sticks which i’l poke into different platters of finger food just to add a lil’ cute flair to the array of food. All you need is cocktail sticks and my best friend… Washi tape!


Cut off little strips of decorative washi tape about 2 inches long, I chose different patterns for mine, and fold over the cocktail stick. Coz the washi tape is sticky, no glue required! Very simple! To add an extra effect cut a V shape into the end. Et voila!


But wait! There’s more! This week all my French friends will be celebrating Bastille day on the 14 July. These flags are great to decorate food with. To add that vintage touch to a very patriotic party without overdoing it on French flags, choose floral or polka dot patterns of washi tape in each colour of the flag. Parfait!


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