Handy birthday reminder

I’ve been up to some creative mischief recently, I wanted to make something that reminds me of when all my buddy’s birthdays are. Had a lil google for ideas and found the perfect solution which now proudly hangs in my hallway!


I went to a timber shop to get some MDF cut, a long rectangle and lots of round discs with 2 little holes at the top and bottom. I then painted the rectangular shaped piece of wood in a cream Dulux wall paint and chose 2 nail varnishes to paint the discs.


I then found some patterned paper I could use to cut out the letters for ‘Birthdays’ with. The more vintage style the better!


I also used one little alphabet sticker for each month and stuck them evenly along the bottom. I bought mini gold hooks (from B&Q) and twisted them into the edge of the wood. At B&Q I also bought some flexible wire and used wire cutters and made loads of ‘s’ shaped hooks with it. I tried to find already made ‘s’ hooks but couldn’t find the size I wanted available in the UK.

Once all this was done, I was ready to add my chummy’s names and dates. Now I have no excuse to ever miss a birthday again!

Handmade Birthday reminder sign