Gift idea – Letter Writing Kit

Bring back letter writing and make this little kit filled with lots of love and decorative letter paper for a loved one.


You’ll need 2 sheets of A4 card, take one and lightly score 2 parallel lines where the cover of your book will fold. I made it to have a spine of about 1 inch thick which is just enough to hold several letters and envelopes. Then cover this in the patterned paper you would like using double sided tape – this will make the cover of your writing kit.


Next take the second sheet of card, hold it landscape, and cut a vertical line down the middle of the card so you end up with 2 equal sizes of A5 card. Score 4 parallel lines along each sheet of A5 card of where you want the folds for the pocket to be. See the photo below for help on how I folded mine. These 4 fold lines will create a ‘tab’ that will be the actual bit that sticks to the inside cover of your book. Before you stick it down, cover in decorative paper, maybe use a different one to the one on the main cover. No need to cover the tabs as these won’t be seen, I then used super glue on the tabs of the pockets, and held them into place for 1 minute.


Once stuck down, I stuck a little bit of string on the inside of each pocket at the bottom which ensures nothing falls out. I used Sellotape for this. You shouldn’t be able to see the string on the outside of the kit.

Next the fun bit… Decorating the letter paper and envelopes! I used my alphabetical stamps, washi tape and some embellishments I had in my craft box. See some ideas you could create…


Then, cut a piece of string to go all the way around your book plus extra to tie a bow. Tie it into position, tying your book firmly shut. Then cut out a rectangle of decorative paper and stick this on top of the string on the front cover, holding the string in position. I then decorated this rectangle personalising it for my friend using lettered stickers and ribbon.


Fill up your writing kit and your sorted! You could add a loop of material to hold a pen if you’re keen. Add stamps to the envelopes and you’re good to go! A lovely little gift for a budding writer!