Gift idea – Personalised Scrabble Name Boards

A great gift for families is a personalised frame filled with all their names scrabble style!


Firstly draw out your design on paper to check all the families names link up and then buy all the letters you need. My trusty friend eBay has many sellers with wooden scrabble letters available either as single letters to buy, or a full scrabble boards worth.

Next choose a decorative sheet of paper for the background of your design and cut out the desired shape for your frame.

Now I bought a selection of box frames from ikea, they have various sizes in either white or black very reasonably priced too! If your a crafter, might be worth buying a few of these as they are great for displaying your works of art!

Place all your letters on the decorative paper in the design you’d like it. Make sure everything’s straight and parallel to the edge of the decorative paper as it would look bent when displayed in the frame. Taking some superglue, glue each piece down with a little glue along the edge of any letter touching another letter.


Wait for it to dry and insert into your box frame et voila! A personalised shabby chic Christmas gift sorted!