Gift for a baby – Nappy cake

Why not try out a creative gift for the next baby shower or birthday party you go to? The chances these days of turning up to a party with the same gift as someone else is highly likely. This handmade gift will be pretty unique and incredibly useful!


I saw these nappy cakes (of the non-edible variety) all over Pinterest and Instagram, I thought I’d have a go for my niece’s 1st birthday and you know what… it was actually quite simple to make!

You need a lot of nappies (ensure you buy the right size), string, rubber bands, wrapping paper and decorative ribbon.

Start by rolling up each nappy, into a toilet roll shape, and secure with a small rubber band. Then when you have enough to make the base layer of the ‘cake’, stand them all up and make a circular shape. When you’re happy take a piece of string and tie it around really tight to ensure all the nappies are behaving! Then repeat this and make the remaining two other layers of the cake.


I then measured the height of each layer and cut a long piece of wrapping paper to wrap around and stuck down with a piece of sticky tape. Then tied a pretty ribbon on top of the wrapping paper, around the middle of each layer. I added a chocolate lollypop at the top which had the ‘happy birthday’ message on, something that my niece could actually enjoy! Et voila 🙂