Homemade hopscotch – for playing inside :)

I’ve been busy with a few homemade projects this week. My latest crafty adventure… Homemade hopscotch! Do you remember playing that game in the playground?! Well I’m recreating an inside version for my niece’s birthday – British weather is far too unreliable to play this game outside!


I was inspired by the http://www.tipjunkie.com blog (which is full of too many amazing projects I also can’t wait to try out!)

This hopscotch mat is super easy to make as its a ‘no sew’ project, and just requires glue 🙂 So I purchased some plain coloured canvas material to use as the main sheet, (when choosing yours, it needs to be something hard wearing). I then bought different coloured felt fabric and a few tubes of material glue. It’s pretty simple, just cut out the rectangles for the blocks and then the numbers.


Glue it all down et voila! If you’ve got any scraps of felt left over, why not make a border around the edge 🙂